How to Cook Turnip Stew in Valheim

While there are a lot of food items in Valheim, some clearly stand out due to their good proportion of health and stamina boost. Turnip Stew is one of them and quite easy to make early on in the game. Food is a great way to regain health and stamina in the game. The Turnip Stew provides 50 Health and 50 Stamina. It provides 2 HP per tick and weighs 1. You can make the Turnip Stew at the Cauldron once you have the resources. Keep reading and we will show you how to cook Turnip Stew in Valheim.

How to Make Turnip Stew in Valheim

To make the Turnip Stew in Valheim, you need to have 3 Turnip and 1 Raw Meat. Once you have the two resources, you can prepare the stew using the Cauldron menu. Turnips are farmable vegetable using the Cultivator. Once you have acquired the seed, you can plant and farm as many Turnip as you can.

To get the Turnip Seeds, you need to visit the Swamp biome and look for the Turnip plant. The flowers of the plant gives you the seed. Once you have planted the Turnip, you can obtain 3 seeds and keep multiplying until you have a stockpile of them.

The second resource required to cook Turnip in Valheim is Raw Meat. You can obtain this from hunting deer and boar in the Black Forest and the Meadows. Both the resources are easily obtainable, so, you should not miss out on producing these amazing food that provide a decent amount of health and stamina.

Cheat to Spawn Turnip in Valheim

If you are having difficulty finding Turnip in your world and don’t mind using cheats. The command to spawn them is spawn Turnip. To use cheats in the game, type the imacheater in the F5 console. Now, enter the cheat and the Turnip should spawn in your world.

So, that how you make Turnip Stew in Valheim. Besides the Stew, the Turnip can also be used to feed and tame Boar in the game.  

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