How to Cook Food in Eastward

How to Cook Food in Eastward

Eastward is an amiable adventure and beautifully details adventure game from Pixpil who are Shanghai-based developers. The game takes you to a completely new world where society started living in the underground. A young girl and a man named Sam and John take all over the surface world. This game has countless fights that mean the characters will be needed certain supplies like food so that they can survive throughout the game. Let’s find out below how to cook food in Eastward.

How to Cook Food in Eastward

John has a stove that you can use to cook food but also, you will find several stoves scattered throughout the world including dungeons. When you find one, get it, and then you need to open up the cooking menu. 

From this menu, select any three ingredients that you’ve in your backpack and you are all set to start cooking.

To cook food properly, there is a mini jackpot game you have to go through. In this mini-game, you need to line up 3 same symbols on the slots which are pretty difficult but if you can manage it well and bring 2 or 3, the cooked food will be more potent than normal.

To cook food, you will need some ingredients obviously which you can obtain through shops, story progression, quests, and also by killing enemies. For example, if you will kill some Hydra enemies that you will encounter early in the game will have a chance of dropping potatoes and eggs which you can use to cook food. 

Usually, it is recommended to pick and/or buy any of the ingredients and mix and match them and discover and complete a new recipe.

That’s how you can Cook Food in Eastward.

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