How to Cook and Find Recipes in Ooblets

How to Cook and Find Recipes in Ooblets

There is so much to do in Ooblets that your character may tire and require nourishment. The game provides you the option to cook your own food to regain strength and stamina. To make food, you require recipe pieces that’s scattered all around the town. You also require the ingredients. Once you have both, you can start cooking with the stove that each player gets when they start the game. There is nothing crafty about cooking in Ooblets; however, you need to know certain things before your perfect the skill. In this guide, we will show you how to cook and find recipes in Ooblets game.

How to Find Recipes in Ooblets

You can find pieces of recipes scattered everywhere in the game. They appear as pieces of paper surrounded by sparkling light. You can pick up the piece of paper as you would pick any item in the game. Recipes can also be hidden within shelves or books. You don’t need to make extra effort to find recipes but always be on the lookout. When you spot a piece, pick it up and save it. You require a total for 4 pieces of Recipe before they can be put to use. Once you have the four pieces, you can combine them to form a full recipe. Now that you have the recipe, before you cook you need to gather the ingredients.

How to Cook the Recipes in Ooblets

After you have collected the 4 pieces of recipe, open the inventory. From the ‘STUFF!’, you can see all the pieces. Select or highlight all 4 pieces and right-click for Options, choose Assemble. After you have assembled the recipe pieces, a recipe will unlock.

At this point, we do not know if the recipe that appears is random or there is an order of unlocking them. Nevertheless, as you progress in the game, you will have to unlock several recipes.

Now that you have the recipe, you need to find out the ingredients. You can open up your Grumboire to the almanac section to discover the ingredients of the recipe you have unlocked. Gather the ingredients that are required.

How to Cook Recipes in Ooblets

Finally, we can cook the recipe in Ooblets. Head to your home in the farm and to your stove. Food that you see in full color are recipes that you have ingredients for, while darker shade food are the ones you don’t have the ingredients for. Select the food you want to make and that’s it.

This brings our guide on how to cook and find recipe in Ooblets to an end. Check our other guides for more insight into the game.  

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