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How to complete Vostok Visited Mission in Destiny 2

complete Vostok Visit mission in Destiny 2

This mission in Destiny 2 is called the Vostok Visited. As you would assume, the mission involves visiting Vostok. In this guide, we will teach you how to complete Vostok Visited mission in Destiny 2.

After having gotten past the mountain of Seraph Tower, you can access the Felwinter’s Lie Quest. The first step in visiting Vostok is to return to Ana Bray at Braytech on Mars and obtain the next mission which is called the Vostok Visited.

After you have met Ana Bray, the rest of the process to completing Vostok Visited is pretty simple.

Ana Bray

Go to the Director and select Earth from Destinations. You will be directed to a map, where you can see the new mission as a blue crown. Select A Warmind’s Secrets quest and it will take you to Vostok.


Once you reach Vostok, there is not much in the mission. No action whatsoever, you simply have to look around the map and scan three items for information. I will not ruin the play for you by revealing what you will uncover. However, it crucial for your progress in the Lie’s quest.

The first item on the map is pretty close. Once you reach the point deploy your Ghost , it will scan the broken war sat and reveal some information. After Eva finishes giving some info or even when she is delivering the information you can start searching for the second item. There are a total of three items on the map and they are pretty close to one another. Once you find all the three, you would have completed the Vostok Visited quest in Destiny 2.

Directions to Find the Three Items in Vostok

As you spawn in, walk straight and the first right you take will bring you to the first pieces of Warsat.

The second pieces can be found by walking straight from the first Warsat pieces and under the stone archway and on the first floor of the building.

The third location is straight ahead after you exit the building. You will find the path with pointy stones on the sides, walk straight and you will arrive at the third Warsat.

So, this is how you complete Vostok Visited Mission in Destiny 2.  

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