How to Complete the Time Trial Challenge in The Temples Forsaken – Genshin Impact 3.4

 How to Complete the Time Trial Challenge in The Temples Forsaken – Genshin Impact 3.4

Genshin Impact recently released its new Patch 3.4, with it released a new desert part of Sumeru called Desert of Hadramaveth. 

The desert of Hadramaveth has everything a Genshin Impacts player should expect, new domains to unlock, many puzzles to solve, new achievements and new enemies like the world boss and new mobs to defeat. 

There are many puzzles in the Desert of Hadramaveth, in this guide, you will know how to solve the time trial puzzle located north of the Temples Forsaken. 

How to Complete the Time Trial Challenge in The Temples Forsaken?

In order to get to the location of time players need to teleport on this waypoint and use the four-leaf sigil to climb the mountain and glide to the next mountain to reach the time trial challenge. 

                                              The image showing the teleport waypoint location 

            The image shows a Four-leaf sigil trail to climb the mountain to climb it and glide to the next side. 

                                                  The image showing the location of the trail 

After you reach the Time trial challenge you can start the trial and follow these steps to complete the challenge in which players need to collect 10 dendro particles to complete the challenge and get the precious chest as a reward. 

Step to complete the time trail challenge are as follows:

  1. You will see the 1st dendro particle in front of you as you start the trail.
  1. Then you will climb up and see the next 2 in front of you but it seems they floating but they are not there is the invisible floor so go straight and get them both.
  1. For the 4th one, players need to take a right after collecting the 3rd one and then left to collect the 4th one. 

                    The image shows the wall after collecting the 3rd particle. This is where you go right.

    The image shows where the wall ends and the player needs to take the left and collect the 4th particles

  1. After collecting the 4th particle players need to go straight until they see the next particle on the left and turn left there to collect the 5th one. 

             The image shows the 5th particle in line and this is where the player will take the left to collect the 5th. 

  1. After collecting the 5th particle player will face a wall and need to take the right and left until they get the 6th and 7th. 

                             The image shows the 7th particle and this is where need to go back in a straight line. 

  1. After collecting the 7th particle player will need to go back straight and they will collect the 8th and take a right again and go slightly down to collect the 9th one. TO collect the last particles player need to go straight for it and jump down to collect. 

                    The image shows the 8th particle which is straight back from the 7th. 

                              The image shows the last particle and where needs to jump to collect it. 

After collecting all the particles player will be rewarded with the Precious chest, found just below where you collected the last particle. The precious chest will give you 10 Primogems and some EXp books and materials. 

That’s how you can complete the time trail challenge found near the temples Forsaken. If you find this guide helpful, check our website for more such guides and news. 

Shubham Chaurasia

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