How to Complete the Pigeon Side Quest in Hi-Fi Rush

Antara B
Antara B

Hi-Fi Rush was released a few days back, and since then, it has earned considerable popularity globally. If you have been playing the game, you have seen that the game has several quests and side quests to complete, and the Pigeon Side quest is one of them. Though this quest is not challenging, if you need help, go through our guide.

Hi-Fi- Rush Pigeon Side Quest- How to Complete?

Hi-Fi Rush is a unique action rhythm-based game where Chai’s actions all have set rhythms. The Protagonist here was a victim of a flawed surgery, and now, he and his team are searching for the members connected to this robotic-arm surgery chain.

While progressing through the game, you’ll find most Vanderlay Robots as your enemies whom you need to defeat and progress. However, there’s only one exceptional robot that requires your help frequently. The Pigeon side quest is also connected to this Vanderlay robot. It’s early in the game when you meet the SC-RUB robot that requires your help in flying away pigeons that disturbs him during his cleaning process.

If you decide to help the robot, you need to call Peppermint. This quest is easy to complete as the Pigeons can be easily detected. The first set of Pigeons can be seen as you walk up to the robot. Look at the crates, and you’ll see the Pigeons there. Ask Peppermint to shoot at them to scare the birds, so they will fly away.

Hi-Fi- Rush Pigeon Side Quest- How to Complete

The next group of Pigeons will be found on the green pipe just the opposite side of where the first group was found. Turn around and you’ll find the second group. Again, Peppermint will shoot them to make them run away.

Hi-Fi- Rush Pigeon Side Quest- How to Complete

The first two groups are close to each other while the third group sits at a distance. You’ll find them sitting on a yellow bar. Look up at the high yellow bars at the factory area and you’ll find the Pegions. Peppermint will shoot and scare them away to complete the quest.

Hi-Fi- Rush Pigeon Side Quest- How to Complete

Once this quest is done, you’ll get a Life gauge from the robot. However, you have to interact with it for that. If you have been planning to do some more activities, you can shoot down the drone with blue board. It will help you progress through some achievements.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete the Hi-Fi Rush Pigeon side quest. This side quest won’t take long, so players can give it a try.  


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