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How to Complete the Cafe Robber Quest in Lost Judgment: Side Case Walkthrough

How to Complete the The Cafe Robber Side Quest Walkthrough

In the Lost Judgment, Side Cases are hidden and optional objectives that you can complete if you want some additional rewards. There are two different types of Side Cases in this game. One is the Job Request Case List board from which you need to pick and complete at any time. Another case you can find out while exploring the city. Café Robber is one of the side cases in the Lost Judgment. Here is the guide on how to complete the Café Robber Case in Lost Judgment – A complete Side Case walkthrough.

How to Complete the Café Robber Case in Lost Judgment – A complete Side Case walkthrough

Go through the following step-by-step guide to complete the Café Robber Case in Lost Judgment.

1. When you explore Kamurocho city in this game, a new blue case will start popping up on the map on Tenkaichi Street. When Yagami goes near, he assumes that a robber is going on but actually he will learn later that it is just a movie shooting.

2. After this scene, 2 new keywords will be displayed on Yagami’s Buzz Research phone app. Open them and find out the keyword ‘Office Alone 4’. 

3. Then, click on any of the chats and go to the waypoint.

4. Once you get there, open up Buzz Researcher and find out the keyword ‘Robbery’. Although, you are already there, still click on the keyword and set a waypoint and Yagami will state a comment about that scene that is being shot already. And then, you will see a case file on your screen.

5. Go to the location of the case file on the map and you will again listen to something about robbery happening which is suspicious to Yagami. 

6. Press R3 and watch out the storefront and observe the sign ‘Closed due to filming’ on the door. Observe again which says SOS, which means there is a real robbery indeed.

7. Next, pick up the lock and get inside. And you will see a robber possessing some people on a knife-point. Yogani remarks that he wants to find out a disguise that can help him to get close to the robber without being seen.

8. Then go close to the robber and grab him. He will somehow run away from that spot.

9. Now you need to chase him in Kamurocho and catch him. And that’s it – Now you have completed the Café Robber Side Case in the Lost Judgment.

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