How to Complete the Bad Rep Evidence Quest in Escape From Tarkov

 How to Complete the Bad Rep Evidence Quest in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov is a game that may be difficult for players to comprehend when it comes to raiding, accomplishing tasks, and understanding things that might be unclear at times, but what if there is a solution? You can get an advantage over your adversaries. Escape from Tarkov is known for giving its players difficulty with the objectives, which is due to the cryptic indications that are provided to the players. It is also relatively easy for gamers who are motivated to hunt for suggestions diligently.

Escape From Tarkov is back with a new quest; the game continues to add and update new tasks on a regular basis; this time, the quest is the Bad Rep Evidence Quest, which, as one would expect from Escape From Tarkov, is not simple to accomplish. 

In this guide, we will cover How to Complete the Bad Rep Evidence Quest in Escape Tarkov.

How to Complete the Escape From Tarkov Bad Rep Evidence Quest

Before starting the quest, players have to be at least level 6, otherwise, they won’t be able to initiate the quest. To complete this quest, players must find a 0031 secure folder in the customs bunkhouse, extract successfully, and hand it over to the Prapor.

To complete the quest, players will need a portable bunkhouse key, which may be difficult to obtain because this key is extremely rare and does not spawn everywhere in the factory.

Portable Bunkhouse Key

Players have to search for the key in the jackets, bags, and pockets of the Scavs, like any other key in Escape from Tarkov.

Prior to that, players must find the factory exit key, which can also be found in the pockets and bags of Scavs; without this key, players won’t be able to get the bunkhouse key.

Once players get their hands on the factory exit key, they can get started with the quest.

Now go to the factory, and players will find a three-story building on the right side of the office, where they will find four doors.

Enter the door that is covered with steel bars, and on the right side of the room, players will find a jacket hanging on the wall; the bunkhouse can also spawn here.

The Door Covered with Steel Bars

Bunkhouse Key can be found below this Hanging Jacket

Pick up the key and get straight to the bunkhouse location(the Bunkhouse key cannot be found at this location every time).

The bunkhouse is located on the customs map between the Skeleton and Dorms.

Enter the bunkhouse with the help of the key.

Players will find the 0031 secure folder on the table in the bunkhouse.

Pick the folder up and extract safely, and your quest will be completed.

To conclude, players have to extract successfully without getting eliminated because they will have to get the folder again if they are killed during the process.

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