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How to Complete Stardew Valley “Goblin Problem” Quest | Void Mayonnaise Location

Stardew Valley “Goblin Problem” Quest Guide - Void Mayo Location

In order to complete the “Goblin Problem” Quest in Stardew Valley, player need to find a way past the goblin in the way to the Witch’s hut. The mission becomes available after the Dark Talisman quest. You need to find the Void Mayo that’s crucial to moving the goblin. Fortunately, the location of the item is easy to find once you know where to look. Stick with this guide and we will show you how to complete Stardew Valley Goblin problem Quest.

How to Complete Stardew Valley “Goblin Problem” Quest | Void Mayonnaise Guide

After completing the Dark Talisman quest, you need to talk to the goblin to start the “Goblin Problem” quest. To complete the quest, you need to take the magic ink from the Witch’s Hut to the Wizard, but the path to the Witch’s Hut is blocked by a goblin. You need to gift the goblin Void Mayonnaise in order for it to allow you passage.

How to Get Void Mayonnaise in Stardew Valley

If you have the Void Mayonnaise, the steps to completing the Stardew Valley “Goblin Problem” quest is easy, but if you don’t, there are two ways you can obtain the item. The nearby Witch’s Swamp has the Void Mayonnaise and you can get it by fishing in the swamp. But, the rate of spawn for the item at this location is low, also the goblin guarding it reduces your chance of obtaining it here.

Stardew Valley “Goblin Problem” Quest Guide - Void Mayonnaise Witch's Swamp

The second location or way to get the Void Mayonnaise is to get the Void Egg and take it to the mayonnaise machine. Place the egg inside the machine and it will produce the Void Mayonnaise. This is an easier way compared to the first to obtain the Void Mayo.

Stardew Valley “Goblin Problem” Quest Guide - Void Egg

Stardew Valley “Goblin Problem” Quest Guide

After you have the Void Mayonnaise, go to the path in Witch’s Swamp where the goblin is blocking the way and offer him the gift. After receiving the Void Mayo, he will leave allowing you to get to the Witch’s Hut which is straight in the path.

Stardew Valley “Goblin Problem” Quest Guide - Gifted Goblin Void Mayonnaise

The Magic Ink is on the table on the left inside the Hut. Get the ink and look behind for a portal.

Stardew Valley “Goblin Problem” Quest Guide - Magic Ink

Take the stairs on the left and it will take you to the Wizard’s tower. At this point, you will exchange some dialogues with the Wizard, after which, you will get your reward.

The reward for completing the “Goblin Problem” quest is a book with Wizard Buildings. So, that’s all there is to the quest. It’s easy once you know what to do and where to get the Void Mayonnaise. You need to gift the Mayo to the goblin so he can go away and you can obtain the magic ink for the Wizard. Once you get the Magic Ink to the wizard the quest is complete and you will get the reward.     

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