How to Complete Matters in Red in Rogue Legacy 2

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In “Rogue Legacy 2,” you can begin collecting Insight quests after unlocking a relic that allows you to hear memories. When completed, these quests usually provide a hint on how to solve their core puzzle, which grants a reward. Some of these Insights are required to participate in boss fights, while others are optional.

After defeating the Axis Mundi Void Beast, in Rogue Legacy 2, players will find themselves in the Kerguelen Plateau, a snowy biome. Fans who interact with the memory fragments in this biome will eventually discover an Insight called Matters in Red, which focuses on locating Naamah’s Perch.

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Completing Matters in Red Quest

Players should first confirm that they have obtained Aether’s Wings in Rogue Legacy 2 before attempting to resolve the Matters in Red Insight. This Heirloom is obtained by successfully completing a trial located across a small body of water on the right side of the Kerguelen Plateau, and it grants the ability to double jump.

Finding the relevant perch, on the other hand, can be difficult, and this guide is here to assist players who are having difficulty with Rogue Legacy 2’s Matters in Red Insight.

  • Rogue Legacy 2 players who have unlocked double jumping should proceed to the teleporter on the first screen of the Kerguelen Plateau.
  • Players should stand on a small hump in the ground just to the right of this teleporter and then look up and to the right. 
  • Looking in this direction reveals a small ledge on the side of the cliff, which players should reach with a double jump and a dash.
  • When they reach the ledge, players must perform one more jump before continuing their journey upward and to the right. When standing in this position, players should press the interact input (RB on a controller) to move the Rogue Legacy 2 character slightly offscreen. 
  • After entering the interact input, one of Naamah’s memories will appear, and the Matters in Red Insight will be resolved when the text ends.

This increases your damage by 15% against the Estuary Naamah, the Kerguelen Plateau’s main boss.


The reward for completing the Matters in Red quest is an affinity bonus, which grants players 15% more damage when fighting Estuary Naamah. While players who earn this affinity bonus must still focus on solid execution, it does make the Kerguelen Plateau boss fight more manageable. 

Indeed, it should only be a matter of time before fans who have completed the Matters in Red Insight in Rogue Legacy 2 have defeated Naamah and are on their way to the Stygian Study.

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