How to Complete Magik’s Demon Child Challenge Mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

 How to Complete Magik’s Demon Child Challenge Mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players can unlock Magik’s Midnight Sun Suit and Darkchylde Legendary battle ability by completing Magik’s Challenge Mission, “Demon Child,” at the Forge. Once the protagonist reaches Level 5 Friendship with Magik, they will be allowed to take on this challenge. Midnight Suns’ Hero Challenges require players to find and use their Legendary Card just like any other Hero Challenge in the game. While Magik has access to an endless number of Card Plays, she cannot advance her position on the field or draw additional cards while this battle is in progress. If she is killed in combat, the challenge instantly fails.

Completing the Demon Child Challenge in Midnight Suns

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players must follow a specific sequence of actions by using their cards in a particular way in order to fulfill Magik’s Challenge Mission. Although one or maybe two cards might be dealt in a slightly different order from person to person, the answer will still be the same. Therefore, Magik users should prioritize playing Limbo’s Grasp as their first card, as it increases the Hero’s attack power. As a next step, use the Trap Door card to shift the central foe to a position behind you, close to the shattered green fissure on the ground.

When trying to complete the “Demon Child” challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, after the players reposition the enemy wielding Darkchylde before, using Quick Soulslash on them. On the basis of gameplay footage given by YouTuber TapCat, the Darkchylde-holding opponent should be sent crashing into the right-back wall using a Quick Soulslash, followed by a Limbo Portal and a Kick. You should be aware that due to the turn-based nature of battle in Midnight Suns, Limbo Portal must be prepared before the Kick can be used. The next step is to make use of Soul Blast on that very same opponent to send them flying into the wall once more (Forceful Knockback). When you’re ready, use the Trap Door card to move the Darkchylde-wielding enemy horde to the area around the red fissure directly across from where the position of Magik is currently at.

During Magik’s Challenge Mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, content producer TapCat advises players to avoid dropping the opponent right on the red Leyline. As they did with the green Leyline earlier, they should instead position the enemy near the fissure. At last, players will need to use Heroism to Detonate the Leyline to totally eliminate the opponent that you are facing. To finish the puzzle, players must play Darkchylde, a Legendary card that the Incarnation of Memory will drop after the opponent is defeated. When played, Magik will change her appearance and taunt the Midnight Suns’ opponents around the arena. They will attack Magik one by one, but her newly acquired Invulnerability will protect her from damage. After the battle has been won, the event “Demon Child” in Marvel’s Midnight Suns will end and the rewards will be distributed.

Rewards of the Demon Child Challenge in Midnight Suns

When you are done with Magik’s Demon Child challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you will receive a Heroic card called Darkchylde. It is the same card that you used earlier by the end of the challenge. By using it, you will gain one invulnerable taunt that is used on all enemies. 

That is all for this guide on how to complete Magik’s Demon Child Challenge mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Please read more content on Midnight Suns by clicking here. Thank you for reading this article.

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