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How to Complete “I Find This Amoosing” Challenge in Hitman 3 | Kill Alexa Carlisle

How to Complete Dartmoor Challenge 'I Find This Amoosing' in Hitman 3

Dartmoor is one of the best locations in Hitman 3 in terms of the visual aesthetics, the familiar South England environment and a lot of fun missions to keep you occupied. You have the Dartmoor murder mystery to solve and then, there is the “I Find This Amoosing” challenge that requires you to kill Alexa Carlisle. She is heading the Partners organization and currently, organizing her own funeral at her estate with friends and family. But she is very much alive. Hitman 3 allows you to choose different paths to get to a target or complete an objective.

There are various ways to complete the Dartmoor challenge “I Find This Amoosing” in Hitman 3. However, one of the quickest way to kill Alexa Carlisle is to have the large moose chandelier fall on her. It gets the job done while Agent 47 can still be inconspicuous.

Where is the Chandelier and How to Get Alexa Carlisle under It?

You can find the moose chandelier at the Foyer, next to the Library in the Mansion. Open the map when you are in ‘Death in the Family’ and you will see the location clearly. On the map, Alexa, the target will be marked in red and she is walking in the level zero. As she walks, she will never come under the Chandelier and unless you lure her there, you will miss her. So, your first job in order to kill Alexa Carlisle would be to get her to the centre of the Foyer underneath the fixture.

But, getting her there is not an easy task. You need to first take out the two guards on the top floor so they stay clear of the path and your plan. When Alexa Carlisle is at the Foyer and closest to the chandelier, you want to drop a coin in the kill zone from the top floor and she would naturally want to investigate. But, first you need to eliminate the two guard on the top floor and the other two at the bottom.  

If you don’t take the guards out, instead of the target the guards would arrive to investigate and hence, foil your plans. The first guard on patrol is easy to take out. Simple lure him using a coin to the side room and do your job. The second guard is a bit tricky. Lure him to the back and there would be the terrace. When he return, take him out and drag his body out of sight. Now, you have no one overlooking the Chandelier. Go down and take out the guards at the bottom floor.

There is another guard that follows the target, you need to take him out as well. You can do that easily. With all the guards out of your way, wait for Alexa Carlisle to get closest to the Foyer and toss the coin underneath the chandelier. There would be a sound and she would come to the sound to investigate. As she is looking at the coin, draw your muffled pistol and target the wire of the Chandelier that’s holding it to the ceiling. That’s it, the moose chandelier will fall and kill Alexa Carlisle. The Dartmoor challenge “I Find This Amoosing” in Hitman 3 is complete. There would be no suspicion and the entire episode would appear an accident.    

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