How to complete From Zero quest in Destiny 2

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online-only competitive first-person shooter video game. The game, set in a world of “mythic science fiction,” includes an online “shared-world” setting with aspects of role-playing games. Activities in Destiny 2 are split into two types: player versus environment (PvE) and player versus person (PvP). PvE includes three-player “strikes” and dungeons, as well as six-player assaults, in addition to standard narrative objectives. 

Destiny 2 features a number of quests in the campaign, one of them being From Zero. In this article, we are going to go through how to complete the From Zero quest. This is described in the article below.

How to complete From Zero quest in Destiny 2

Step 1: Retrieve supply caches

We’ll need to retrieve supply caches from Neomuna’s Region chests. This is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the city. Open your map if you’re not sure where to look for region chests. Cross symbols can be found all over the map. Ahimsa has three and Zephyr Concourse has three.

1st Chest: Balcony

Let’s go to Zephyr Concourse and get some containers since we’re already familiar with it. Drop into the city, then proceed up the ramp and past the graffiti wall. You’ll shortly arrive at Zephyr Plaza. Turn left once you’ve passed the short corridor that leads into Zephyr Concourse. You’ll notice a small balcony. Turn around and jump up to it. There will be a clear platform from which you can leap onto the balcony’s roof.

2nd Chest: Exercise Area 

Turn right from the terrace chest and cross the bridge to the right of the strawberry building (it’s red, has dimples like a strawberry, and it’s a strawberry building). Stay on the ground floor and then proceed to the gym. Because the window here is broken, you should jump right in. You’ll notice an open vent space into which you can climb. If you do this, you’ll discover a tiny room at the conclusion with a chest inside.

3rd Chest: Beside Tavern

Return to the massive fruit structure and cut directly across. You’ll shortly arrive at a tavern. Ascend the steps into the bar and make your way to the very rear. You’ll be able to leap onto the metal structure next to the outdoor terrace, next to the vibrant pink neon sign. If you look down, you’ll notice a succession of recessed entrances. The last chest we need is in the one on the left, with the clear balcony. Once you have that, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Collaborate with the Neomuni

In order to load up the taskbar to 100%, we’ll have to grind out a variety of jobs in the next stage. Patrols will earn you 15%, while unlocking chests spread throughout the maps will earn you 3%. Head to Ahimsa Park for Public Events, and while you’re there, pick up a patrol for foes slain. A Public Event does not have to be completed effectively in order to contribute towards your total, and it will net you slightly more than 15%. 

And, to make things easier, outfit your Ghost with Treasure Seeker. You’ll be passing a number of chests and will almost certainly discover five or more before you realise it.

Step 3: Get rid of Shadow Legionary Trask.

It’s time to assist the Neomuni folks once more. But this time we’ll have to deal with a supervisor. Head into the city and into Zephyr Concourse from the quick travel point near Nimbus. Turn right at the strawberry building at the centre, and head towards the turnstile. Jump over them and proceed along the brief passageway to Esi Station. 

Turn left, then right as you reach Esi Airport. There will be a lot of Cabal, which means you’re on the correct track. After dispatching them, proceed down the slope. Turn right, slay the Cabal that awaits you, and then turn left into a wide, open space. 

There will be approximately four Phalanax, some legionary, two Psion snipers, and Trask. Trask is an Esteemed Centurion, but he prefers to play in the back. Kill the thugs around him, then use a Solar firearm to chip away at his shields. He isn’t too difficult without his friends, and I found this to be much simpler than attempting to take on a Public Event without a fireteam.

After defeating him, there’s one final thing left to complete the mission.

Step 4: Go back to Nimbus.

Our illustrious quest has come to an end. Finally, we can return to Strider’s Gate. After that, talk with Nimbus. If you do this, Nimbus will notice that your name in the community is growing. Isn’t that a positive thing? But, more significantly, he’ll give you the Iterative Loop gun.

Iterative Loop is a rapid-fire-frame Fusion Weapon that you can bring to the Enclave and customise to your liking. So, nice bargain if you like Fusion Rifles? It will also be much more powerful than your other treasures.

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