How to Complete Escape from Tarkov Sanitar Letter Quest

 How to Complete Escape from Tarkov Sanitar Letter Quest

Escape From Tarkov is again here with a new quest; the game continues to bring and update new quests from time to time; this time, the quest is Sanitar’s Letter Quest which is, as expected from Escape From Tarkov, not that easy to complete. In this guide, we will provide you the information about how to complete Escape From Tarkov Sanitar’s Letter Quest.

How to finish Sanitar’s Letter Quest in Escape From Tarkov

The answer is quite simple; the quest is completed by killing the Sanitar 11 times with 11 different weapons every time. Quest comes with some astonishing rewards, which players will obviously receive after completing the quest. It may sound easy to kill Sanitar 11 times with 11 different weapons, which also includes the Melee weapons and throwables like grenades which is not an easy task. Here is what needs to be done to complete the quest. 

To begin with, the quest players have to start by reading the letter from the Mechanic then your quest hunting will start. “Letters”  will appear on the screen and these letters have to do with the killing of Sanitar. Sanitar will spawn in Customs in the Stronghold so you can directly begin your hunt down from here.

These are 11 ways the Sanitar needs to be killed.

  • Eliminate Sanitar while using Assault Rifles
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using Assault CArbines
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using Machine Guns
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using Sub Machine Guns
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using Shotguns
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using Marksman Rifle
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using Bolt Action Rifles
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using Grenade Launchers
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using Pistols or Revolvers
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using Melee Weapons
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using Throwable Weapons

The awards that the players will receive after completing the quest are.

  • Two “Obdolbos” cocktail injectors
  • One Altyn face shield
  • One Pack of Sugar
  • An increase of 0.15 to your Mechanic rep
  • One AK Hexagon DTKP MK.2 7.62×39 sound suppressor

To conclude, rewards make this quest worth trying; though they may also not be satisfying to some players, but the use of variable weapons make it one of the best one.

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