How to Complete Delivery From the Past Quest in Escape From Tarkov

 How to Complete Delivery From the Past Quest in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov is one of the most challenging extraction royale games, and they always come up with some of the trickiest quests for the players to complete; Delivery From the Past in Escape From Tarkov is one such quest that can be complicated for the players as it has lots of steps to be followed in order to complete the quest to get access to the worthy rewards. So the players must be wondering how they could complete the Delivery From the Past quest; well then, we are here with the complete guide; players can follow these steps to complete the quest.

How to Finish the Delivery from the Past Quest in Escape from Tarkov?

To unlock the quest, players have to be above level 5; otherwise, players won’t be able to access the quest.

Players have to complete three objectives to unlock the quest, and these objectives are.

a) Firstly, obtain the secure folder from the Tarcone Director’s office from the Customs Terminal Warehouse.

b) Then you have to stash the package in the Factory Break Room on the second floor nearby the third gate.

c) Survive and extract successfully through the Factory Exfill.

So, to begin the quest, players must get the Tarcone Director’s Office key, also known as the customs office key. This key can be found in the filing cabinets players should mandatorily search all four drawers of the cabinets as the key could be in any of the four drawers. Key could also be found in the jackets of dead scavengers.

Filing Cabinet

Once you have access to the key, you must head towards the Big Red Building on the west side of the customs. Once the players are inside the building, they must reach up to the metal stairs and unlock the door using the same key.

Red Building/Warehouse

You will find two doors to the right first one is needless to open, the second door is the one that we have to get through, and the door has to be kicked to enter the compartment.

The Second Room and the Case (in the light beam)

When you enter the room, look for the secure case, which will be found in the gap between the filing cabinets and the desk. Grab the case.

Now, after securing the folder, you have to stash the package in the Factory Break Room, be aware while planting the case as enemies might be there to kill you; if in case you are killed, you have to start from the beginning again. You have to plant the case; you will see a prompt to plant your case, do it by pressing the F key, and you have to do it under 10 seconds once you enter the room. If you are unable to place it under the timer, then you will have to start all over again. Once the case is stashed, you can head over to extraction.

Room to Follow (to plant the case)

Now it comes to the end part of the quest, which is extraction. Extract through the Gate 0 exfill, which will be navigated in the Northwest corner of the Factory.

Plant the case below the wooden chest

The Extraction Room

To conclude, after completing Escape From Tarkov Quest, you will receive rewards worth your time. Follow the above guide and complete the quest.

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