How to Complete Cyberpunk 2077 Little China Gigs

Little China is one of the several sub-districts of Cyberpunk 2077. The region is part of Watson and resembles the poorer areas in Night City, but with a distinctive Chinese tone to everything from the neon lights, food, lingo, shops, and the flavour. Like with other sub-districts, there are gigs in Little China that players can choose to complete. The side-missions appear as question mark on the map and when you are in proximity to the gig location, the sign turns to the mission type symbol.

In Little China, there are a total of four gigs that unlock with the Street Cred of the player. Stick around with this post and we will show you how to complete Cyberpunk 2077 Little China gigs. The walkthrough guide will take you through everything you need to know to complete the gigs fast and progress with the main story.

Cyberpunk 2077 Little China Walkthrough Guide

Little China gigs, like all the other sub-district gigs are pretty basic and will not take long to compete. The four gigs are “Playing for Keeps”, “Catch a Tiger’s Toe”, “Bloodsport,” and “The Heisenberg Principle.” Keep reading further and we will take you through each gig in Little China in Cyberpunk 2077. We have listed the gigs as per the unlock requirement with easier first.  

Playing For Keeps

In order to unlock the gig, you need to have a Street Cred Tier 1. The mission is classified as a Search and Recover mission. In order to get on with the mission, you will have to visit Kashuu Henten. The objective of the mission is to steal the eye implant of Jacob that’s in the storage location of a joint. To get to the joint through the alleyway from the prescribed location by the fixer. Use the vending machine to distract the Tiger Claw in the way. The storage is right there when you enter the joint. Use brute force to open the door, but if your body state is not as good, use the computer to obtain information and blackmail the bartender to open the door for you. Complete the mission.

Catch a Tiger’s Toe

For the “Catch a Tiger’s Toe” gig in Little China, you need to go to Megabuilding H11 and need Street Cred Tier 1 to unlock. The gig classification type is Agent Saboteur. Once you are at the building, use the elevator to the spot highlighted on the map. It will lead you to the server room in an underground location. Once the server stops, get out and use any direction to make your way to server room. Kill the cameras and tag the enemies so you know their location. There is a small window of a few seconds between the petrol rounds of the enemies. Use the instance to take out the enemies one at a time. Once all of them are terminated, use the main computer and upload the malware.


For this mission you require Street Cred Tier 2 and the classification is SOS Merc Needed. Go to the southwest of Little Chine to the Tiger Claw dojo. Get to the basement of the building. Use the roof windows to get inside of your body stat is low. The window is above the front entrance. Be careful of the guard patrolling the area. Once inside, disable the cameras from the computer office. You can disable only two cameras from this location. Sneak past the fighting area and find the basement door near the stairs. When you get to the basement, there are two ways with two cameras. You need to disable both the cameras and take care of the enemy. On the far-right, there is a room with a guard on the door. The room has Roh captive. Save Roh and get out of the building from the ground floor.

The Heisenberg Principle

You require Street Cred 3 to unlock the gig and it’s classified as Agent Saboteur. When you get to the building to find the drug lab, you will notice it well guarded. But, two guards will get inside soon after talking. Crotch past the one guard near the entrance and use the far left corner door that goes up stairs to get into the building. Kill the cameras. At this point, you can deploy your Technical Ability to open the left door. It will lead you straight to the lab. Inside the lab there are three enemies, take care of them and destroy the lab.

That’s all we have in this Little China walkthrough guide.                

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