How to Complete Cyberpunk 2077 Japantown Gigs

Japantown is one of the many sub-districts in Cyberpunk 2077 and is a part of the Westbrook District. The game has several gigs in various sub-districts that players can choose to complete for rewards. The Japantown has in total six gigs and they are all fairly easy to complete. And even though the gigs are marked on the map, some players don’t know the location of Japantown gigs or how to complete them. In this walkthrough guide, we will show you how to complete Cyberpunk 2077 Japantown gigs.     

Cyberpunk 2077 Japantown Gigs Walkthrough Guide

You need to be at a certain Streets Cred Tier in order for the gig to unlock. To increase the Street Cred, you can take part in various activities in the region that increase the rank. The six Japantown gigs are namely Olive Branch, We Have Your Wife, Greed Never Pays, A Shrine Defiled, Wakao’s Favorite, and Getting Warmer. Here is a brief on how to complete each Japantown gig in Cyberpunk 2077.

Olive Branch

To unlock and complete the Olive Branch gig, you need a Street Cred Tier 1 and the gig type is Special Delivery. Once you have met Sergei, you will be taking a car to the waypoint. Amidst the way, you need have the option to open the car’s trunk, which has a man inside. You will have the choice to either let the man go or let him be in the trunk. You need to make a decision without think about the reward. That’s it, the gig is complete.

We Have Your Wife

The We Have Your Wife gig also has the same Street Cred requirement of Tier 1 to unlock and the gig type is SOS: Merc Needed. Once you have the details from the fixer, head to the marked location to perform the gig. The ideal entry point is the back door, but it does require a certain amount of Body attribute. There are other ways you can approach the objective marker such as the rooftop through the crates, but whichever path you take kill the cameras and take care of the guards in the objective marker’s proximity. Once you are at the basement, walk through the walkway up high until you are on Lauren who’s speaking to a guard. Take care of the guard and talk to Lauren. Exit the building retracing your path and avoid being detected by the enemies. The “We Have Your Wife” gig is complete.

Greed Never Pays

It requires Street Cred Tier 1 to unlock and the gig classification is Search and Recovery. Once you have talked to the fixer and have the location of the apartment, there are various ways to go to the apartment. But, the best way is to hit the receptionist unconscious and get the access key to the elevator. To get into the apartment, you can either use the Technical ability or the code 2137. Take care of the guards you meet up and use the same ability to open the side door which should take you directly to the objective marker and get the lockbreaker. Exit the building by retracing your steps and the gig will be complete.

A Shrine Defiled

To unlock the “A Shrine Defiled” gig, players need to have Street Cred Tier 3 and the gig type is Agent Saboteur. It’s a simple mission where you have to install a virus. Go to the shrine by following the direction on the map. Go inside the shrine maintaining stealth. Kill the cameras on the door’s both sides. After disabling the cameras, go to the backyard and install the virus. Reach the Drop Point.

Getting Warmer

You require Street Cred Tier 2 for the gig to unlock and the mission type is SOS: Merc Needed. Like most missions in the game, there are various paths to approach the objective. Take the main entrance and the stairs. After reaching up, disable the guard and lower the temperature using the coolant. Next, disconnect the computer. After you are done, return to the car of the fixer with the body.  

Wakao’s Favorite

You are required to have Street Cred Tier 2 to unlock the “Wakao’s Favorite” gig and the classification is SOS: Merc Needed. Once you know the quest marker, get to the area of the objective. There are two ways you can approach building. The first requires high Body attribute; therefore, we will tell you about the second. It takes you via the walkway and you have to use the dumpster to climb. After you are in, disable the mines laid out and reach to the basement. Slot the shard within the body and the “Wakao’s Favorite” gig is complete.

That’s all we have in this guide on how to complete Cyberpunk 2077 Japantown gigs. Check out the game category for other guides.   

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