How to Complete Cyberpunk 2077 Arroyo Gigs

Cyberpunk 2077 has several districts with gigs at the location such as Little China, Kabuki, Arroyo, and others. In the Arroyo district of the game, there are a total of five gigs that you need to complete. Stick with us through the guide and we will show you how to complete each of the gigs and progress in the story. Scroll down to learn how to complete Cyberpunk 2077 Arroyo gigs.

Cyberpunk 2077 Arroyo Gigs Walkthrough Guide

The five gigs you can take on in Arroyo are Serious Side Effects, Race to the Top, Breaking News, Hacking the Hacker, and Severance Package. Like the other regions, Arroyo is also divided into various zones and the gigs span across various parts of the district.

It’s a district that’s perpetually under construction and some notable landmarks include the old nuclear factory, huge junkyard, robot factories, and a logistics centre. Arroyo is a partially constructed city and run by the 6th Street gang. Below is a drilldown of all the Cyberpunk 2077 Arroyo gigs.

Serious Side Effects

In order to complete the Serious Side Effects gig in Arroyo, you need to visit the Dewdrop zone of the district. The gig is classified as a Search and Rescue gig. Like most of the game, there are a variety of ways to approach the situation. The simplest way to get to the gig fast is to book at room at the Inn. For this, go to the front desk. After you are in the Inn, the optional objective with update with the mission of finding Booker Updike. Go to room number 103 and you will find him there. Next, the objective is destroy acid in room 203. You can either force open the room or go via the room 200 balcony. Once you complete the primary objective to destroy the acid, the gig is complete. You need to have Street Cred 1 to complete the gig, which is fairly easy.

Race to the Top    

The unlock condition for the Race to the Top gig is Street Cred Tier 1 and the gig is classified as type Thievery. For the gig, you need to go to the El Camino Road in the Kendachi factory. It’s nearly impossible to get into the factory through the front gate. The best way is to use your technical ability and go through the fence gate in the North-east. Once you have entered, go left, look for the camera and disable it. You should find a ladder not far away. Climb the ladder and it will take you into the factory. At this point, you are very close to Matheus’ office. The rest of the gig is simple, enter the office, go to the computer and steal the data.

Breaking News

The unlock condition for the Breaking News gig is Street Cred Tier 2 and the gig is classified as type Agent Saboteur. You have to get into the Ted Fox’s car, which will take you to the parking lot. The gig’s objective is to place a tracker on a van behand closed garage door. You cannot open the door by directly walking up to it or the cameras will spot you. Go the west and you will see a dumpster, use it to get to the roof. There’s a window that leads into the garage. Before proceeding ensure to disable the cameras. Then, proceed to place the tracker on the van.

Hacking the Hacker    

The unlock condition for the Hacking the Hacker gig is Street Cred Tier 2 and the gig is classified as type Agent Saboteur. To complete this gig, you have to go to the Mega building H06 in Arroyo. Get to the residential floor using the elevator. Use the path through the industrial shutters to get around the guards. Use any way suitable to get to the 6th street hideout. Once you are in the hideout, you will find the computer of the netrunner and few guards. Kill the guards and camera. The optional objective is to kill Lucius Thoran. You can complete that too.

Severance Package

The unlock condition for the final gig in Arroyo is Severance Package and requires Street Cred Tier 2 and the gig is classified as type Thievery. For the gig, you need to access the Cytech factory’s computer located at the upper floor. The gate is guarded, so you need to make your way from the pipe structure on the east side of hostile area. Use the gas tank to reach the area. Move closer to the fence and disable the cameras, get past the guard without getting noticed. Look for a backdoor nearby, there will be a guard and camera. Kill the guard. Before the backdoor you will find the security room with cameras and a guard. From there, take a left turn and climb the stairs to reach the server room. Perform the gig and you would have completed all Cyberpunk 2077 Arroyo Gigs.

That also brings out guide to a close, you can browse the game category for guides on various other districts of Cyberpunk 2077.      

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