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How to Complete All Tasks in Among Us – Task Completion Wiki Guide

How to Complete All Tasks in Among Us - Task Completion Wiki Guide

It was a disappointment for a lot of eager fans, when InnerSloth’s developer shared news of the cancelled plans of the earlier planned second title for Among Us. But, that’s actually not a bad thing, it means we won’t have to pay for a new game and continue to play the current with more interesting things added. Tasks are a crucial part of the game and we can expect more to be added as the developers work to improve the game.

In this wiki guide, we will show you how to complete all the currently available tasks in the game. Currently, the tasks in Among Us are divided into three categories – common tasks, short tasks, and long tasks.

The common tasks are assigned to every player who is a crewmember, the short tasks are quick and usually require a single step, and then, there is the long tasks that require some time and involves multiple step in order to complete.

When you start a game, you will be able to see the list of tasks you need to perform on the left of the screen. Imposters in the game are not expected or able to complete tasks. However, there are certain tasks they can fake in order to prevent suspicion of their identity.

How to Complete All Tasks in Among Us – Task Completion Wiki Guide

The host of the game has control over the number of tasks each crewmember performs with certain limitation such as maximum five short tasks, three long tasks, and two common tasks. There are also certain tasks that are available on specific maps.

The game also includes visual tasks, meaning when the task is completed other player can watch the task being completed. It a great way to indicate your identity as a crewmember; however, the host has control over disabling such tasks in a game as it can easily reveal the identity of the imposter.

Here is a list of all the tasks currently available on different maps of Among Us.

Tasks on All Maps in Among Us

Align Engine OutputShortThe SkeldTo complete the Align Engine Output task in Among Us, you need to align the engine to the line. The task has two parts, one at the upper engine and the lower engine. You must first align the upper engine to the horizontal line and then the second engine.
Calibrate DistributorShortThe SkeldTo complete the Calibrate Distributor task in Among Us The Skeld map, you need to go to the Electrical location. This is a timing task, meaning you need to time your action. You will see a node rotating counterclockwise on a ring. When the node reaches the rightmost, you need to press the button. If it’s timed right you can proceed to the next ring. If you make a mistake, you have to start again from node one.
Chart CourseShortThe Skeld Mira HQ PolusThe chart course task is available on all three maps of the game. In order to complete the Chart Course task in Among Us, you need to go to Navigation on (The Skeld), Admin on (MIRA HQ), and Dropship on (Polus). Once you are at the location, interact with the task and drag the ship across the four points connecting the closest pointers first.
Clean O2 FilterShortThe Skeld Mira HQTo complete the clean 02 filter task, you have to go to O2 on (The Skeld) and Greenhouse on (Mira HQ). Once at the location, drag the six leaves into the trash.
Clear AsteroidsLongThe Skeld Mira HQ PolusClean Asteroids is a long and visual task on all maps except Mira HQ, where it’s short. The location of the task is Weapons on (The Skeld and Polus) and Balcony on (Mira HQ). After you interact with the task, it shows a green screen with meteors flying. Using the target tied to the crosshair, you need to touch the meteors and destroy them. You need to destroy 20 meteors to complete the task. On Mira HQ, other players cannot see the task.   
Divert PowerShortThe Skeld Mira HQFor the Divert Power task first part, you need to go to the Electrical on (The Skeld) and Reactor on (Mira HQ). The second part’s location changes so there is no fixed location. As the first part of the task move the bright highlighted red switch all the way up. As second part of the task, you need to go to the second location to receive the diverted power in step one. The second location is random. Go to the location and click on the middle of the metal part.
Empty ChuteLongThe SkeldEmpty Chute is another visual task and for this you need to go to O2 and Storage.
Empty GarbageShortThe Skeld Mira HQ PolusAnother visual task you find on all three maps. The location is Cafeteria and Storage on (The Skeld), Cafeteria on (Mira HQ), and O2 on (Polus). It’s a two phased task. In the first phase, head to the Cafeteria and interact with the task. Pull and hold the lever to complete the task.
Enter Id CodeCommonMira HQIn order to complete the Enter ID Code task in Among Us, you need to go to the Admin. Follow the link for a complete guide.
Fix WiringCommonThe Skeld Mira HQ PolusThe Fix Wiring is a common task available on all maps. The simple task involves connecting the wires of the same color across the two panels. The location of the task changes with each game so there is no fixed location.
Fuel EnginesLongThe Skeld Mira HQ PolusFuel Engine is a long task in Among Us. The location of the task is Storage on (The Skeld and Polus), Upper Engine and Lower Engine on (The Skeld) for both stages of the task, and Exterior on (Polus) for both stages, and Launchpad on (Mira HQ). For multiple stages, you need to visit the storage and then to the respective location multiple times.
Inspect SampleLongThe Skeld PolusThe location of the Inspect Sample task is Medbay on (The Skeld) and Laboratory on (Polus). To complete the task, you need to press a button and the sampling will begin. It takes one minute for the task to complete. Once the sampling completes there will be four blue samples and one red. You need to select the red sample to finish the task.
Prime ShieldsShortThe Skeld Mira HQ  The Prime Shields is a short and visual task. The location of the task is Shields on (The Skeld) and Admin on (MIRA HQ). To complete the tasks you simply have to press the hexagons.  
Stabilize SteeringShortThe Skeld  The task is located in Navigation on The Skeld map. To complete the task, interact with the control panel and bring the target crosshair to the center.
Start ReactorLongThe Skeld Mira HQ PolusStart Reactor is a long task in Among Us and located at Reactor on (The Skeld and Mira HQ) and Specimen Room on (Polus). To complete the task, you need to press random button and see if the blue block appears. You need to memorize the sequence of the keys that result in the blue button. If you miss, you need to start again.
Submit ScanLongThe Skeld Mira HQ PolusThe Submit Scan task in Among us is present on all three maps. Here is a complete guide on how to complete the task with ease.
Swipe CardCommonThe Skeld PolusA common task. Here is a guide on how to swipe card in Among Us.
Unlock ManifoldsShortThe Skeld Mira HQ PolusA short task you will find on all three maps of the game. Check out the complete guide to Unlock Manifolds in Among Us.
Upload DataShortThe Skeld PolusThere are two stages of Upload Data task in Among Us. As first part of the task, you must download the data and then upload it on the second location. You can download the data at Cafeteria, Communications, Electrical, Navigation, or Weapons on The Skeld and Electrical, O2, Office, Specimen Room, or Weapons on the Polus map. To upload the data and complete the second stage, the player must go to Admin on The Skeld or Communications on Polus.
Assemble ArtifactShortMira HQA task specific to Mira HQ it’s located at the Laboratory. In order to complete the task, arrange the gem in the correct order.
Buy BeverageShortMira HQYou need to head to the Cafeteria to complete the Buy Beverage task. Use the keypad on the vending machine to buy items. The item the player has to purchase is shown on a piece of paper below the keypad. Type of the correct code.
Enter Id CodeCommonMira HQHere is a complete guide to complete the Enter ID Code task in Among Us.
Measure WeatherShortMira HQTo complete the Measure Weather task in Among Us, go to the Balcony on Mira HQ map. Hit the begin button and the task is complete when it says “done” on the Weather Data Download box.  
Process DataShortMira HQIn order to complete the process data task in Among Us, go to the Office.
Run DiagnosticsLongMira HQIn order to complete the Run Diagnostics task, you need to go to the Launchpad on Mira HQ. The task has two stages. In the first, tab the countdown and it will take about 90 seconds. In the second stage, you have to select the anomaly or the odd one.
Sort SamplesShortMira HQThe location of the task is Laboratory on Mira HQ. In the task, you need to short items and group them in their respective box – Gem, Animal Fossil, and Plant Fossil.
Water PlantsLongMira HQThe location of the Water Plants task is Storage for stage one and Greenhouse for stage two. In this task, you have to take water from the Storage and water the plants in the Greenhouse.
Align TelescopeShortPolusThe location of the task is Laboratory on the map. The crewmember needs to move the telescope until it aligns correctly to the right planet.
Fill CanistersShortPolusIn order to complete the Fill Canisters task, you need to go to O2. You need to drag the canister to the air knob in order to fill the gas.
Fix Weather NodeLongPolusFix Weather Node is a long task with multiple locations on the Polus map. For Stage one, you have to go to the Exterior and stage two the Laboratory. You need to move through the maze from the left to right and once the maze is connected, the second part is to go to Laboratory and switch on the weather node that you just fixed.
Insert KeysCommonPolusA common task that can appear on the Polus map, to complete Insert key task, you need to go to Dropship. To perform the task, take the key on the left and put it in the keyhole, rote 90 degrees.
Monitor TreeShortPolusThe location of the task is on O2 and it’s one of the quickest tasks in the game.
Open WaterwaysLongPolusIn order to complete the task you have to go to two locations on Polus – Boiler Room and Exterior. In stage one of the task, open the valve. In stage two, open the second valve. Stage 3, open the last value near the Admin/Office. You must turn the valves counterclockwise.  
Reboot Wi-FiLongPolusGo to Communications to complete the Reboot Wi-Fi task. Find the communications box and pull the lever. It will take 60 seconds. Once the countdown reaches zero, pull the lever back up to complete the task.  
Record TemperatureShortPolusYou need to go to Exterior and Laboratory to complete the task. Match the temperature number by increasing or decreasing. Increase on Exterior and decrease on laboratory.  
Repair DrillShortPolusYou can find this task in Laboratory on the Polus map. Once you interact with the task, click on the exclamation markers repeatedly.
Replace Water JugLongPolusThe location for the tasks are Boiler Room and Office. First, go to the boiler room and fill the water container. Next, go to the office and put the water into the office water container.  
Scan Boarding PassCommonPolusIn order to complete the Scan Boarding Pass task, you can refer to this guide.
Store ArtifactsShortPolusIn order to complete the Store Artifacts task, you need to go to Specimen Room. You need to take the four objects in the task and place them in the respective holes.

That’s all we have in this guide. We hope we have covered all tasks in Among Us. If we’ve missed any, please add them in the comments.  

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