Among Us

How to Chat in Among Us

How to Chat in Among Us

As a crewmate, one of the greatest weapon in debunking the imposter and throwing them out in space is the chat feature in the game. At any time during the game you can call emergency meetings. Among Us provides you the option of text chat. If you are an imposter, the chat is still your greatest tool of deception. When used effectively and tactfully, you can throw the blame on others and conceal your identity until it’s too late for  the crew. In this guide, we will show you how to chat in Among Us.

How to Talk/Chat in Among Us

As the game was developed to be a party game where players jumped into the game from the same room and used the LAN to chat to one another, it does not include an in-game voice chat. However, that does not mean people don’t use voice chat in the game. If you browse Reddit, you will find people using third-party tool for communication like Discord. The biggest concern when using voice chat via third-party is ensuring the player who has become ghost does not reveal the identity of the imposter to other players.

So far players haven’t missed the absence of voice chat in the game as the text chat feature seems to be effective and rightly moderated. You can bring up the speech icon on the top right of the game and use it to chat, you can use the same chat when a meeting is called up.

So, in brief, you can chat in the game using Discord, the in-game chat option, and or locally via a LAN.

That’s all we have in this guide, hope you found it helpful, Do check out our other guides on how to solve connectivity and other errors in the game, as well as strategy guides.

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