Lost Judgment

How to Change to Japanese Audio in Lost Judgement

How to Change to Japanese Text and Voice in Lost Judgement

Lost Judgement is the second title in the Yakuza spinoff series Judgement. As with most JRPGs from Sega you have the option to either play the game in English voiceover and text or go with the Japanese version. While most players would prefer the English version of the game, you may want to try out the Japanese voices. The game provides you to change both the voice and text of the game. So, you can have the Japanese voice and the English text. Keep reading and we will show you how to change to Japanese text and voice and Lost Judgement.

How to Change to Japanese Voice Track in Lost Judgement

The option to choose between the Japanese and the English voices is presented when you first boot up the game, but if you want to change your earlier decision further into the game, you can do it quite easily. Your choice of language will determine the spoken language of the characters in the game.

To change to the Japanese voice, you need to access the Menu, which is Yagami’s phone. The prompt for Xbox is the Menu button and it’s the Options button on the PlayStation. Hit these buttons on your devices and the menu would pop. Form here, go to Settings > Other Menu > Audio Languages.

From Audio Languages, you can pick either the English or the Japanese audio. The game does take some time to load after you have selected the audio options, so you will be taken to the title screen.

So, this is how you change language in Lost Judgement. Check out the game category for more guides and tips to play the game.

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