How to Change Difficulty in FIFA 22

How to Change Difficulty in FIFA 22

In the FIFA series, you’ve always been able to select between several difficulty levels. However, in the new series of FIFA 22, EA has made certain minor changes. In FIFA 22, there are a total of 6 degrees of difficulty when you play against AI (Artificial Intelligence). These difficulty levels are available in all modes and it is usually adjustable. Let’s find out how to change the difficulty in FIFA 22.

How to Change Difficulty In FIFA 22

You need to set the difficulty before you proceed to the game. Following are the 6 difficulty levels to choose from:

1. Beginner

2. Amateur

3. Semi-Pro

4. Professional

5. World Class

6. Legendary

There is another difficulty level – ‘Ultimate’ but, it is only available in FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team). In order to change the difficulty level in FIFA 22, here are some simple and easy steps:

Steps to Change Difficulty In FIFA 22

1. Open up the main menu

2. Go to Customize and select ‘Settings’

3. Go to ‘Game Settings’

4. Then select the second option which is ‘Difficulty Level’

5. And then use the d-pad or left analog stick to change the difficulty option.

However, for Ultimate Team, the method of changing the difficulty level is slightly different. When you play the FUT Champs or Divisions Rivals, it is obvious that you can’t change the difficulty setting as you are playing against some other player. But, if you are playing Squad Battles, you can change your difficulty level after choosing the opposing team. This setting will affect directly the points you will earn for contributing in the game in Squad Battles, so it is advisable to always try and motivate yourself. 

One important thing to remember is that once you select the difficulty level, then you can’t change it throughout the game so select it carefully.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change difficulty in FIFA 22.

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