How to Change Camera Angle in F1 2020

How to Change Camera Angle in F1 2020

F1 2020 has to be the benchmark for racing games. The multiplayer, solo, and so much more. The game has all the verticals to provide a perfect racing simulation experience. However, before you being racing, it essential that you get  the camera angle right. You can select the preferred camera angle from the game and once you know it, switching camera angle is super simple. Read through the guide and we will show you how to change camera angle in F1 2020.

How to Change Camera Angle in F1 2020

By default you have the TV Pod as the camera, but you can choose from several other options in the game. To change the camera angle, enter the Pause Menu by pausing the game (to pause the game in PS4 press Options and in Xbox press Menu). Once you are in the Pause Menu, scroll-down and locate Driving Camera Options. You can now choose your preferred camera angle.

There is another way to change the camera angle. It’s for people who hate to pause the game every time they want to change the camera angle of F1 2020. Here is the path you can follow – Open the Main Menu > Preferences > Controls > Vibration & Force Feedback > select your controller > Next Camera > Assign R3. Once you have assigned R3 to the Next Camera, you can simply press the key to change the camera angle during a game.

That’s it, changing the camera angle in F1 2020 is that easy.  

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