How to Catch Dunkleosteus in NieR Replicant

Dunkleosteus are aquatic life in NieR Replicant and catching them is much like catching fish in the game, but only super difficult. The reeling in part is the same, but the Dunkleosteus are very rare and difficult to find. However, there is one spot where you can get the Dunkleosteus. But, that would also require some patience as the creature takes time to spawn and sometimes you can wait for long hours. Stick with us and we will show you how to catch Dunkleosteus in NieR Replicant.

How to Catch Dunkleosteus in NieR Replicant

One of the prerequisites to catch Dunkleosteus in NieR Replicant in to max out the fishing level, without it there simply isn’t any chance you would get the creature.

As mentioned earlier, there is an exact spot where the Dunkleosteus spawns, you need to go to the Seafront and on the beach you can find a fisherman on the pier. You need to get down from the pier on the sand on the right and start to fish from there.

Set up the lure (Sardine) and wait for creature to catch on it. There is a fair bit of RNG involved, so you may have to wait for some time before it caches on the lure. When the line is nibbled three times (Soft, Hard, Hook), you know it’s a Dunkleosteus on the line and after the third nibble, you can reel it in. Once the creature is one the line, it’s the same as catching any other fish. Pull the line to the opposite direction of the creature. When it’s on the left, pull back and right. When it’s on the right, pull left and back. When it’s pulling straight forward, pull back.

Over time the Dunkleosteus will tire and you would be able to pull it to the shore. So, that’s how you catch Dunkleosteus in NieR Replicant.              

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