How to Capture a Monster in Monster Hunter Rise

As you battle against the monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR, MH Rise) you will have the option to either kill or capture the monster. While killing the monster is easy, capturing it can be a bit tricky, but nothing you can’t manage with the help of this monster capture guide. There are a few reasons why you would want to capture the monster such as more bonuses and there are specific investigation quests in the game that require you to capture a specific monster. Knowing how to capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) is something you should know to enjoy the game and complete all quests.

How to Capture Monsters – Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Before you head out on a quest to capture a monster, you need to ensure you have the right gear for the task. The first requirement is Traps, you can use either the Shock Traps or Pitfall Traps. We suggest that you go with the Shock Trap as it’s quite effective in capturing monsters. The second requirement is Tranq Bombs.

To craft the Shock Trap in the Crafting menu, you require 1 Trap Tool and 1 Thunderbug. For the Tranq Bombs, you require 10 Sleep Herbs and 10 Parashrooms.

Initially, the process to capture a monster is the same as any other fight. You need to start the encounter normally by fighting the monster and deal as many damage as possible to reduce its health. When the monster is damaged enough and starts to display the sign of weakness in its movement like limping away from the fight, that’s the right time to capture it.

After you have reduced the health of the monster to a very low and the monster is limping away from the fight, chase the monster and get ahead of it. You can place the Shock Trap and hope the monster walks into it or just follow it and eventually it will sleep in its nest or elsewhere. Once it’s fallen asleep, you can set the Shock Trap.

Once you have set the trap, you will have a brief moment to tranquilize the monster with Tranq Bombs and capture it. After laying the trap on the monster, hold L and use A or Y to access the Tranq Bombs. Use as many of the bomb as possible until the monster goes to sleep.

That’s it, you have captured a monster in Monster Hunter Rise.  

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