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How to Call-In Vehicles in Battlefield 2042 – Call-In System Explained

How to Call-In Vehicles in Battlefield 2042 - Call-In System Explained

Battlefield 2042 is unlike any other game in the series. For the first time, the game is solely focused on the multiplayer aspect and has a range of new mechanics that would make the game appear different from its predecessors. EA has been quite helpful in putting out blog posts explaining the nitty-gritty of the mechanics. In one such blog post, they detail how to Call-In System works. The Call-In system allows you to call in vehicles of various kinds at the battlefield when you require them. Keep reading and we will show you how to call-in vehicles in Battlefield 2042 using the Call-In System.

Battlefield 2042 Call-In System Explained

Battlefield 2042 is quite an intuitive game. All the mechanics are made to make the game as approachable and seamless as possible. Accessing the various tools of the game are quite easy so you can keep your focus on the fight rather than getting distracted. The Call-In system is the game.

To call in a vehicle in Battlefield 2042, press the ‘B’ button on PC, ‘RB’ on Xbox, and ‘R1’ on PlayStation to bring up the call-in tablet. Use the select button on your device to choose the vehicle you want to call. The options vary from combat vehicles to troop transport vehicles. Lift click on the mouse to select the vehicle, select on console, and then, you will have the option to select the destination for the vehicle to arrive. Left-click the mouse again to choose the location and that’s it.

The vehicle will arrive at your location. So, that’s how you call in vehicles in Battlefield 2042 during a fight.   

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