How to Build Ladders in Chivalry 2

It can be difficult to complete an objective in Chivalry 2 when you have archers on the wall raining arrows at you. To tackle the difficulty, you must first take out the archers mounted on the gate walls of castles. But, that would require you to reach the top of the wall where the archers are mounted. A ladder can help with that, but the game shares little to no detail on how to build ladders in Chivalry 2. Building ladders in Chivalry 2 is quite easy. In this guide, we will show you how.

How to Build Ladders in Chivalry 2

Most of the process of getting the ladder up the wall is automatic, but there is some searching involved, but nothing too complicated. After all, this isn’t the type of game where you spend a lot of time searching for items. To build ladder in Chivalry 2, you need to find a large wagon and the ladder base. The ladder base should be easily spotted near the castle. Once you know where the ladder base is, the wagon with wood should be nearby.

Approach the wagon and the game will prompt you to take a ladder piece. After acquiring the ladder piece, head back to the ladder base and there would a slot missing on the ladder. Approach to the missing ladder piece and the slot will be filled with the ladder piece you are carrying.

Once you take the piece of the ladder to the ladder, the rest of the process is quite automatic. The ladder will stand on its own and you can proceed to climb it.

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