How to Build a Windmill in Valheim

How to Build A Windmill in Valheim

When compared to other items in the game, the Windmill performs just one task and that is to make flour using Barley. Flour is an ingredient for various food recipes in the game. You can make Blood pudding, Bread, Fish wraps, and Lox meat pie using the Flour. These are important consumables to boost health and stamina. Therefore, it’s essential that you build the Windmill whenever you get the resources gathered. But, unlocking Windmill is tougher than you would think. Stick with us and we will show you how to build a Windmill in Valheim.

How to Build a Windmill in Valheim

You should first visit the Mountain biome and then the Plains, that’s how the developers have designed the game to be. But, as it’s procedurally generated, some players stumble upon Plains first and have access to Barley. You will now require the Windmill.

To build or unlock the Windmill in Valheim, you will have to find the fourth boss in the game, the Moder. Once you manage to defeat the Moder, she will drop items that can make the Artisan Table. With the Artisan Table you can make the Windmill and several other crafting items such as Blast Furnace and Spinning Wheel.

How to Craft Windmill

To craft the Windmill in Valheim, you require the Artisan Table, 20 Stone, 30 Wood, and 30 Iron Nails.

How to Use Windmill in Valheim

At a time, you can feed 50 Barley into the Windmill and it produces 20 Flour. The efficiency of the Windmill depends a lot on the wind. If the wind is strong, the production of the Windmill is fast and if there is no wind, there won’t be any production. There are occasions when the wind is too strong and the structure can fly away damaging itself.     

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