How to Boost Resident Evil Village (RE8) PC Performance | PC Slowdown

Many players checking out the latest Resident Evil title on PC seems to be struggling with Resident Evil Village PC Slowdown and poor performance issues. You will find in-game settings for stuttering, but these settings don’t help to enhance the performance. So, to help you get the best performance in RE8, we have the best settings guide.

How to Boost Resident Evil Village (RE8) PC Performance | PC Slowdown

Following are some of the best settings. Just follow these instructions and you will experience enhanced performance in RE8.

Lower Image Quality

It sounds weird but lowering image quality will improve the overall performance. Its preset settings are set to 1.0 by default that is 100% of your chosen resolution, but you can lower it from 0.1 (10%) to 0.5. It means that the game will be rendered at 50% of your selected resolution. However, we recommend reducing it to 0.8 or 0.9 which is also enough.

Turn off Ambient Occlusion

Turning off Ambient Occlusion is also one of the best solutions to boost up PC performance while playing Resident Evil Village. Its settings affect the shadows and soft lighting of the game and make environments and objects look more realistic.

Lower Shadow Quality

Shadows play an important role in the games and RE8 has full of them. From candlelit castle basements to gloomy village shakes, you will need to spend a lot of time in the dark village. When you reduce its complexity and quality, your PC will start running smoothly.

Apart from these settings, keep checking the latest AMD and Nvidia drivers with specific support for RE8. 

All of these points would help you to play the Resident Evil Village smoothly without any graphics issues on your PC. Also, learn, Which Weapon Should I Upgrade in Resident Evil Village?

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