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How to Block, Guard, and Parry in Tales of Arise

How to Block, Guard, and Parry in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise always offers the best all-around gaming experience. Blocking, Guarding, and Parrying are one of the most essential parts of Tales of Arise. Since you cannot simply do these actions, here we have provided a complete guide. So, let’s learn here in the below guide how to Block, Guard, and Parry in Tales of Arise.

How to Block and Parry in Tales of Arise

Actually, you won’t be able to block enemy attacks in Tales of Arise until you start using Kisara as she is the only member from your party who has Shield. For this, press RT on your Xbox or R2 on your PlayStation console to block when using Kisara. It is the same button to use Dodge. The last moment block is Parry, that functions similarly to last moment dodges. 

If the Counter Edge Skill is unlocked, then you can press your normal attack buttons last moment parry/block to crush enemies and hit back by using your combo attacks.

Apart from this, Boost Attack of Kisara can also work as a Block. When Kisara’s BG – Boost Gauge is full, then press the direction on the D-Pad that resembles the character icon in order to bring her in and she will block foes’ charging attacks before that damage to any of your party members.

How to Guard in Tales of Arise

Since Bandai Namco wanted to make the battle system feel modern, you can’t actually Guard in Tales of Arise. Instead, they have introduced the dodge and roll button. So, here is a brief guide on how to avoid damages in other ways.

You must know how to dodge in Tales of Arise which will make sure that you take little damages in combat. When you press the dodge button while standing motionless and away from hurt, then your character will enter a slow-motion stage and you can release some powerful counterattacks. The best part is that you can also dodge Astral Arte and Physical Attacks if you will do it on time.

On the other hand, if you will press the dodge button when your character is moving, you can perform a roll as well which is the best way to escape from enemies that utilize spread-style attacks which is very easy and useful especially where you don’t want to risk with dodging.

That’s all for this guide on How to Block, Guard, and Parry in Tales of Arise.

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