How to Become a President in BitLife

 How to Become a President in BitLife

BitLife is a life simulator game available on a mobile platform where you can start your life as new as someone else. BitLife gives you the choice of becoming something you always wanted to be but could not choose in your real life like a doctor, actor, pilot and etc. 

How to Become a President in BitLife

To become a president you need many things to remember and have one goal in the game – to become a president otherwise some actions you took can have some effects afterwards. 

The most basic thing to have before you become a president is to be of age 35. 

35 years old is the minimum you need to be to run for the election for president. But before running for the president you need to make sure you completed these things:

  1. You need to have a bitizenship.
  2. You need to be smart and good-looking.
  3. You must work hard to collect the funds for the campaign.
  4. You must pay the fee of $5.
  5. You need to be popular among the crowd.
The election result in BitLife

If you follow these things and also not be involved in any criminal activities, you will have an easier way to becoming a president in BitLife. 

If you find this guide to becoming President in BitLife helpful, you can also check out our other guides to different professions.

Shubham Chaurasia

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