How to Become A Famous Chef in BitLife

 How to Become A Famous Chef in BitLife

Bitlife is noted for its realistic gaming experience; this life simulator game is based on real-life events. As the game progresses, there are more things to do; it introduces new tasks and riddles to its players. This single-player simulator is constantly introducing new features to its audience, such as the ability to marry and have children, as well as have a profession, a job, and so on. However, there are occasions when gamers want assistance and should be more aware of some topics. There are many ways through which players can become famous in the game; there are many ways by becoming an author, musician, actor, etc. Being famous can be an easy task, but becoming a famous chef in Bitlife is not everyone’s cup of tea; players have to grind through a long process to become a famous chef. We have got everything covered in this guide about how to become a famous chef in Bitlife.

How to Become a Famous Chef in BitLife

Becoming a famous chef in Bitlife is not at all an easy task as players have to follow a systematic way in order to be eligible to become a famous chef.

To begin with, the challenge players first have to get a college-level community degree. 

Once players have the degree, they have to start working as a dishwasher, a busser, or even a host, and it needs to be done for three years. Players can find one of these three designations by scrolling through the full-time job options.

  • Do one of these jobs for three years regularly.
  • After doing low-grade kitchen jobs for three years, players will gain experience and will be eligible to apply for the role of a chef.
  • Then, they have to work as a line cook or apprentice chef.
  • After this, you’ll gain enough experience to apply for a chef’s role.
  • From here onwards, you have to work hard and get promotions to reach the level of Saucier, Chef Tournant, or Sous Chef.
  • Players have to work around 40-60 hours per week, as it will increase their chances of becoming the executive chef.
  • When you reach the executive chef level, you will probably be a celebrity, and if not, keep working hard until a pop-up ‘’You are Officially a Celebrity Chef’’ appears on the screen.

In the end, it may take a while to become a celebrity chef, but players have to keep working hard consistently until becoming famous.

Shubham Chaurasia

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