How to Become a Carpenter in BitLife

 How to Become a Carpenter in BitLife

BitLife is a life simulation game, though we can’t say it is a top-rated game. This game is complicated, and players have to encounter every stage of human life as they experience them in real life. Starting from birth, you have to control your character and choose their way until they become old and die. So, like your real life, you have to choose a profession for your character in BitLife, and if you are thinking of trying something different in the game, you can be a carpenter. This guide will help you know how to become a carpenter in BitLife.

Carpenter Job Guide in BitLife- How to be a Carpenter?

BitLife imitates the entire real-life process of a person. So, like in your real life, you have to choose a profession after you pass high school. You can either go to college or go for some other profession. If your character is not very good at academics and doesn’t want to continue studies, becoming a Carpenter is a good option.

Becoming a Carpenter is not an easy job, though. It requires massive labor and a high level of health. So, if the health level of your character is not high-enough, we recommend not going for this job. Also, while applying for the Carpenter Job, you must have good looks. The Applying Process is the same as other jobs, and the job role you are applying for is ‘Apprentice Carpenter.

Going to the gym and maintaining food habits help you have both good looks and health. Otherwise, you must reroll your character to get one according to your preferences. Once you fulfill all these criteria, you have to follow the below steps after you complete your High School-

  1. Go to the Career Tab
  2. Click on Jobs
  3. Select Apprentice Carpenter.

Remember, to become a Carpenter, your character must be a male. Female characters can’t become carpenters in BitLife. While you are an Apprentice Carpenter, take your job seriously, improve your working skills and show your crafts to get promotions and become a Carpenter.

That’s all you need to know about how to become a Carpenter in BitLife. Remember, becoming a carpenter requires physical labor, so think carefully before selecting the profession.


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