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How to Beat the Spirit Caller Snail in Elden Ring

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Survival Games always have some characteristics in common, and featuring bosses is among them. In survival games, players generally face many enemies, but world bosses are the toughest among them. As a survival game, Elden Ring is no exception. It also features several powerful and not-so-powerful bosses.

Spirit Caller Snail is a mini-boss whom players will find at the Road End’s Catacomb, an optional dungeon in Elden Ring.

Defeating Spirit Caller Snail in Elden Ring

The Spirit Caller Snail is a mini-boss, but the fight with it is not an easy one. This boss fight is particularly tricky. It rewards players with 3000 Runes and Glintstone Sorcerer Ashes Spirit Summons. This spirit summon will be a very useful one when upgraded.

 Unlike other bosses, once you reach the boss fight location, the Spirit Caller Snail won’t attack you. Instead, it will summon Knights who will give you a hard time fighting them. These knights will perform some slow combos that deal tons of damages.

The Snail itself is invisible. You can locate it by finding the light patch without any light source. When the fight with the knights begins, summon your own spirits to distract them and keep focusing on destroying the snail. You need to chase the snail all over the room, but once you somehow defeat it, the fight will over.

That’s all you need to know about how to beat Spirit Caller Snail in Elden Ring. If you are stuck while fighting with the Snail, check out our guide for help.

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