How to Beat the Spiral Abyss in Version 3.4 of Genshin Impact

Amay De
Amay De

The Spiral Abyss is the most challenging content in the game but it’s well worth beating because it rewards you with a total of 600 Primogems which is enormous for any player- F2P or Whale. The first Spiral Abyss cycle in Version 3.4 of Genshin Impact is rumoured to be one of the hardest ever- especially due to the new Consecrated elites in Floor 12. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips and strategies to clear the current cycle.

Spiral Abyss Version 3.4- First Cycle Guide

The current Abyss cycle in Version 3.4 buffs Dendro-Electro reactions by reducing Dendro and Electro RES on enemies by 30%. The best teams to use in this Abyss cycle are thus generally Spread and Aggravate teams but depending on the enemy comp and your personal playstyle, other teams might be more preferable and convenient.

Floor 11

For Floor 11, here are your team recommendations for the first and second halves:

  1. Anemo CC: For the 1st Half, Anemo CC units are useful alongside an Aggravate comp since Anemo can at least swirl Electro.
  2. Freeze Teams: In 2nd Half, Freeze teams with a reliable and consistent Cryo applicator are best since you can keep enemies from moving and even break Electro shields which are common in this section. 

One of the main reasons for recommending Cryo-focused Freeze teams is because the second half will often spawn Electro Abyss mages and Electro Mitachurls whose shields can be easily broken using Cryo while also stopping them in their tracks from unleashing powerful annoying Electro attacks by freezing them in the process. Chamber 3 2nd Half will also spawn the Electro Regisvine whose core can be easily broken using Cryo.

Floor 12 

For Floor 12, reliable and consistent shielders and healers are vital since multiple enemies on this Floor can two-shot you or aggressively deplete your health with multiple powerful attacks. Team comp recommendations are as follows:

  1. Single Target Quicken or Hyperbloom Teams: In the 1st Half, Quicken or Hyperbloom teams with a single-target DPS are preferable since chamber 3 has a solo boss fight and the rest are composed of a few tanky Elites. 
  2. Anemo CC: The 2nd Half will prefer another Anemo CC unit and here you can just reuse your first team from Floor 11 provided you have adequate healing and or shield on command.

The reason for using a good single-target DPS in the first half is that it will be useful in dealing with the Ruin Drakes, Guards and Graders. The 1st Half of Chamber 3 also contains the Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network or ASIMON in short as the boss is usually called in the community.

The Consecrated Beasts have resistance to being Frozen but sometimes it still triggers and you can deal with them in peace. These enemies are especially powerful and dangerous as they are still new and seemingly have no exploitable weaknesses. They have a lot of HP and powerful close and mid-range attacks. 

It’s best to deal with them together as if you only take on one then the other will attack you on an opportunity. It’s also recommended you dodge now and then as they can easily break your shield if you decide to tank all of their attacks. Once without a shield, they can stagger-block you to death.

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