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How to Beat the Great Spirit in Tales of Arise

How to Beat the Great Spirit in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise has a lot of bosses, and then, there are the elite monsters. In total, the game has 20 elite monsters and the Great Spirit is one of the end-game monsters you need to defeat to win the game. As you must have assumed, being among the final bosses it’s supposed to be tough, tougher than anything you have encountered thus far. But, your gear and abilities have also progressed, so you are prepared to take on the monster with some help. Keep reading and we will share how to beat Great Spirit in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise – How to Beat the Great Spirit

The fight with the Great Spirit can take a toll if you are not prepared. The monster has few weaknesses and is capable of taking the fight quite long. You also need to defeat the monster not once but twice which just adds to the difficulty. Having said that, it’s not impossible to defeat Great Spirit once you know the correct strategy.

First Round with Orbs and Dark Ray Beams

At the start of the fight, the best attack strategy is to rely on ranged attacks. The Great Spirit is fast even with its size and can teleport itself throughout the arena. It also has a defensive shield that can damage players when they come in contact with it. Hence, the best strategy at the start of the fight is to rely on ranged techniques such as Magic Artes and Shionne’s rifle attacks. You should also have charms on you that can counter the enemy attack as well as boost the attack of your party. Dodging the attacks is going to be crucial throughout the fight. Attack only when the right opportunity presents itself. The Dark Ray attack of the monster is very lethal and you should dodge it at all costs as it deals massive damage.

At some point, the HP of the boss will reduce to half and that’s when the fight takes a turn for the worst. The Great Spirit will start to summon elemental orbs. Each orb has a strength and weakness. You need to clear out each of the orb with the right counter element. Allowing the orb to remain is going to be very detrimental to the fight as these orbs grant different buffs to the boss with some completely healing damage or granting the Great Spirit invincibility. Timing is crucial, when you see the orb using magical Artes, use the Rimwel’s boost attacks to counter it and then deploy boost strikes to maximize the damage to the orb and the nearby enemies.

As the fight progresses and the HP of the boss goes down further to around 25 percent, he will power up again and summon dark rays beams. You need to dodge roll and keep avoiding the pillars, coming in contact with the pillars will cause high damage. At this point, the strategy is to dodge the pillars and keep attacking the boss. Also, keep stacking on healing items. Eventually, the HP will go down and the boss will be defeated. Use the boost strike to deal the final blow. But, this is not the end of the fight. It’s just that round 1 is over.

Second Round – Zeugles

As soon as the fight is over and it runs off, it will engage you by spawning Zeugles. There are four of them with two Astral Famine, Astral Fury, and Astral Hatred. Start by defeating the flying type first. Use the Shionne’s Attack boost to deal with them. Once they are defeated, turn your attention to the other two and end the fight with boost strikes. These Zeugles are a high level above 50 so their defenses stats are high.

Third Round as Subsumer         

When the Great Spirit returns again, its form is changed and it is now Subsumer. The fight from here on is easier than before but you also need to watch your health as the HP would have gone down during the fight. Use healing items to restore health. It will also aid you greatly to have Shionne and Kisara in your party to perform healers. The boss will again start to summon the elemental orbs and dark thorns.

When you start attacking target the left hand of the boss. Use the aerial attacks when necessary. Completely destroy the left arm using Law’s strike boost. Do it when the HP has broken first.

Once the first HP bar is down, the boss will get even more defensive. Concentrate on the second arm and keep dodging the black rays and black hole that it will summon at this stage. When the Subsumer is attacking, your only option is to dodge and heal any damage you may have taken. When the attacking is over, use Dohalim’s or Kisara’s strike boost to destroy the second arm. Once the arms are gone, most of the fight is over, focus all your efforts on its center. As a last effort, the boss will go berserk and start summoning all defensive arsenal it has. Keep on attacking and dodging. Finish the fight with Shionne’s Strike Boost.

So, that’s how to beat the Great Spirit in Tales of Arise.        

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