How to Beat the Dragon Boss in Forspoken

 How to Beat the Dragon Boss in Forspoken

Enemies are what makes an action role-playing game exciting and challenging. The more challenging enemies a game has, the more the game becomes difficult to complete. Generally, all action role-playing games have the same pattern, and Forspoken is no exception. If you have been playing the game, you have probably faced a few enemies, and the Dragon Boss is one of the most challenging among them.

So, this guide will help you with some tricks to beat the Dragon Boss in Forspoken.

Guide to Defeat the Dragon Boss in Forspoken- How to Do?

Forspoken is one of the most anticipated games of this year, especially after players have tried the demo version of the game. Since the official version of Forspoken was released on 24th January 2023, players have dived into the game to explore every feature. However, playing action-adventure games without powerful world bosses is impossible; similarly, Forspoken also has dozens of enemies to face, and the Dragon is one of the challenging bosses of the game whom you face pretty early in the game.

Beating the Dragon Boss is not very difficult if you follow the proper strategy. However, before progressing further, let me tell you this fight will have two phases. Though the strategies and attacks will be the same in both phases, players still need to be patient and careful during both fight phases.

When the fight begins, make sure to be prepared for attack and defense. While avoiding incoming attacks, you must keep attacking the Dragon Boss. The weak point of the boss is its open chest area (shown in the image below).

Guide to Defeat the Dragon Boss in Forspoken- How to Do

So, keep attacking him on that spot to deal maximum damage. The more your attacks land correctly, the more you’ll see the health bar of the boss reduces. We suggest you to use Disperce, Burst Shot, and Scatter Shot against the Dragon Boss. While you can use the Attack Magic and Support Magic turn-wise, they can be combinedly charged to deal massive damage to the Dragon when both are fully charged.

Now, coming to the Dragon’s attacks, he will initially use his claws to attack you, and these can be easily dodged. However, after a certain point, the Dragon starts using Piercing and Unblockable attacks. Piercing is an attack that must be dodged; otherwise, it will wipe out a chunk of your health. However, this attack gives a clear sign, so players can be prepared to dodge the attack. So, whenever you see three bright violet rays coming out of the Dragon, be prepared to dodge the Piercing attack.

Guide to Defeat the Dragon Boss in Forspoken- How to Do

Next comes the Unblockable attacks, and these are the deadly attacks. These attacks don’t give any clear signals. They come suddenly and deal tons of damage. Basically, the Unblockable attacks are the fiery breath of the Dragon that can’t be dodged; you can only take cover behind some pillar or structure to save yourself.

Once you have almost finished the Dragon’s health bar and run out of the arena, don’t think the fight is over. This is just an interval before the second phase begins. In the second phase, when the Dragon appears, you’ll see it has no damage on its body, and its health bar is also full. This time the Dragon will use the previous attacking strategies with a new one- this time, it will fly and attack you from there.

Guide to Defeat the Dragon Boss in Forspoken- How to Do

After you deal damage to the Dragon, a cut scene appears where the Dragon captures Frey and takes her with him. During the cutscene, you’ll see Frey use her magic to kill the Dragon in the sky. So, it doesn’t matter how well you fight. The outcome of this fight is obvious. As long as you survive during the fight, you’ll see Frey killing the Dragon during the cutscene.

That’s all you need to know about how to defeat the Dragon boss in Forspoken. This fight is unique, especially the ending.


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