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How to Beat Sierra Pokemon GO July 2021

How to Beat Sierra Pokemon GO July 2021

The month of July seems very exciting for the Pokémon GO players. Pokémon GO Fest 2021 is happening on 17 and 18 July. And, Pokémon GO 5th Anniversary event is also planned. Mostly, this game is very convenient as it offers several ways to counter the Team Go Rocket. In the Pokémon line-up, the tactics of Sierra have not been changed much, however, it is quite challenging for some trainers and so here we have prepared a complete guide on how to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO. 

How to Beat Sierra Pokémon GO – July 21

In order to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO, you will need to go through 3 phases. In the first phase, you will start with Sneasel, In the 2nd Phase, your options are Ampharos, Gliscor, or Granbull, and in the 3rd Phase, your options are Houndoom, Drapion, and Kingdra.

Go through all the phases to know how to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO – July 21.

Phase 1 – Sneasel

The first phase starts with Sneasel. The weaknesses of this Pokémon are Fire, Steel, Fairy, and Rock-type moves. And on the other hand, it resists Ice-type, Psychic, Dark, moves. Here are the best counters:

– Blaziken: Focus Blast and Fire Spin

– Meloetta: Close Combat and Low Kick

– Primeape: Low Sweep and Counter

– Sirfetch’d: Close Combat and Fury Cutter

– Conkeldurr: Dynamic Punch and Counter

Phase 2 – Ampharos, Gliscor, or Granbull

In the second phase, you have 3 options to battle with. Following are the details of the weaknesses and resistance of each Pokémon. And also know about the best counters to beat them:   


In the second phase, Sierra will be furious and will use pure Electric-type Pokémon – Ampharos. The main weakness of this Pokémon is Ground-type moves and it resists damage from Electric-type, Steel, and Flying moves. Check out the following simple counters.

– Flygon: Earthquake and Mud Shot

– Golem: Earthquake and Mud-Slap

– Rhyperior: Earthquake and SmackDown

– Excadrill: Rock Slide and Mud-Slap

– Krookodile: Earthquake and Mud-Slap


The weakness of Gliscor is Water and Ice-type moves and it resists damages from Fight, Poison, Ground, Bug, and Electric-type moves. Here are the details of counters to choose from:

– Mamoswine: Avalanche and Powder Snow

– Gyarados: Aqua Tail and Waterfall

– Kingdra: Blizzard and Water Gun

– Kabutops: Water Pulse and Waterfall

– Slowking: Blizzard and Water Gun


This Pokémon is only weak to Poison and Steel-type moves and resist damages from Dragon, Bug, Fighting, and Dark-type moves. However, it is easy to beat using the following some of the best counters:

– Staraptor: Brave Bird and Wing Attack

– Roserade: Sludge Bomb and Poison Jab

– Ho-Oh: Brave Bird and Steel Wing

– Attack Deoxys: Zap Cannon and Poison Jab

– Drapion: Sludge Bomb and Infestation

Phase 3 – Houndoom, Drapion, and Kingdra

This is the 3rd and the last phase in which you will have 3 options to choose from. Check out the details of each Pokémon’s resistances and weaknesses. Also, know about the counters:


The weaknesses of Houndoom are Ground, Fighting, Rock, and Water-type moves. On the other hand, it resists Fire, Ice, Grass, Ghost, Steel, Psychic, and Dark-type of moves. Here are some of the good counters:

– Lucario: Aura Sphere and Counter

– Landorus: Earth Power and Tock Throw

– Sharpedo: Hydro Pump and Waterfall

– Conkeldurr: Focus Blast and Counter

– Rampardos: Rock Slide and SmackDown


Drapion is a Dark and Dual Poison-type Pokémon that resists damages from Dark, Ghost, Poison, Grass, and Psychic-type moves, and its weakness is only Ground-type moves. Here are some of the best counters:

– Garchomp: Earth Power and Mud Shot

– Mamoswine: Bulldoze and Mud-Slap

– Therian Landorus: Earthquake and Mud Shot

– Excadrill: Earthquake and Mud Shot

– Nidoking: Earth Power and Fury Cutter


The weakness of this Pokémon is Dragon and Fairy-type moves and it resists damages from Fire, Steel, and Water-type moves. Here are the details of the counters:

– Gardevoir: Dazzling and Charm Gleam

– Kingdra: Outrage and Dragon Breath

– Granbull: Play Rough and Charm

– Xerneas: Moonblast and Tackle

– Mega Altaria: Dazzling Gleam and Peck

That’s all for this guide on How to Beat Sierra Pokemon Go – July 2021.

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