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How to Beat Overseer Zane: New World

How to Beat Overseer Zane New World

Different kinds of quests are the backbone of Amazon’s latest MMORPG – New World. Through them, a player will explore the world, obtain important items, upgrade gears, and of course gain experience. One of the toughest quests you will experience in the first 20 levels in New World is the ‘Something to Prove’ quest in which you need to defeat Overseer Zane enemy in Ebonrock Cavern. Once you know the method to beat this foe, it can be easier for you. Let’s find out in the following How to Beat Overseer Zane in New World.

How to Beat Overseer Zane in New World

Actually, beating Overseer Zane is not tough but the difficult part is to handle a large group of other people. Let’s know how to do it. As we have said above, you will find Overseer Zane in Ebonrock Cave that is in the north of Shadowmine.

You simply need to follow the marker into this cave, and you will easily find this foe. However, the toughest part is that you will encounter a large group of players who are also trying to get into the cave to get Zane.

The most difficult part here is that the Overseer Zane will not be defeated with one or two counts. You will need to attack multiple times and the worst part is that it respawns again in about 5 to 7 minutes. So, the best way to beat this enemy is to group up with other 4-5 random people who are available in the cave. This way, you all together can give enough damage to it, and also you all will get to beat Overseer Zane. That’s how you can beat Overseer Zane and complete the ‘Something to Prove’ quest in New World. Check out our next post – New World Fae Iron Location – Where to Find.

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