How to Beat or Skip Oswald Forrest (Woodman) Boss Fight in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk has about eight boss fights and most of them are avoidable. You can either choose to get into the fight, which will drop items after you defeat the boss or simply skip the fight. Like most bosses, Woodman is easy to beat and mostly rely on melee attacks at the start of the fight. Stick around and we will tell you how to beat or skip the Oswald Forrest aka. Woodman boss fight in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Skip Woodman Boss Fight in Cyberpunk 2077

The encounter with the boss is part of the Automatic Love main mission, where you are supposed to interrogate Woodman for information. You have two options, either to play the boss for the information or choose dialogue, “Could end you with my bare hands.” If you choose to pay him for the information, you will automatically skip the fight. However, if you pink the dialogue, the fight will start and here is how to beat Woodman if you get into the fight.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Beat Woodman

As you do not have any weapons on you when you meet Woodman, you would want to get one as soon as you have made the decision to fight and no pay for the information. There is a Katana in Woodman’s office. It’s hidden in the restricted area. Get the Katana as it’s a powerful weapon and can end the fight sooner.

At the start of the fight, Woodman relies on melee attacks, which you can dodge by either stepping left or back and then attack with the Katana. When the boss takes substantial damage, the second stage of the fight will start, where he brings out the big guns and starts to spray bullets on you.

If you get hit by the bullets, the damage can be substantial, so the Katana is particularly useful has it deal more damage. You have another option for a knife, but we don’t suggest you go with it. The knife is in the monitoring room with just one guard sitting on the chair.

Whichever weapon you chose, place it in the inventory slot and return to Woodman. The strategy to beat woodman is to stay close to him and dodge his melee attacks, when opportunity presents itself, hit back with the knife or sword.

The first stage of the fight is easy, which involves dodging and attacking. In the second stage when Woodman starts using guns, follow the same strategy and stick close to him. You have the option to use medication to restore health during the fight, so use that when the damage is too high, but Woodman also has the same option and will attempt to heal. When that happens attack him to deal more damage and prevent from healing.

After you have defeated Woodman, you will get the M251S Ajax assault rifle in the drop with 28-34 damage, weighs 7.2 weight, and has 154.9 DPS.    

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