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How to Beat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

How to beat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise

You will come face to face with the Great Izuchi at the Shrine Ruins in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s a bird Wyvern with tails like a hook and incredibly agile, which also makes ranged weapons useless in this fight. Throughout the fight, the monster will keep jumping from one location to the other. The fight with the Great Izuchi is quite straightforward. One of the characteristics of the beat is that it’s a pack leader and always has smaller Izuchi around. While the Great Izuchi is easy to kill, the fight can be a handful if you don’t know certain tips. So, stick with the post and we will show you how to beat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)How to Beat Great Izuchi

A huge part of the Great Izuchi attack uses it tails. In fact, four out of its five attacks use the tail, which we will discuss in a moment. If you are a solo player, you have a great advantage as the health of the beast is very low and you would have your two companions with you during the fight. Great Izuchi always appears with two smaller Izuchi, but they are easy to deal with and your companions would keep them engaged. Once the smaller monsters are killed, they will spawn again.

Before you start the fight, you should know about the different types of attack of the Great Izuchi.

  1. Tail Swing Attack – The first attack and one of the most used attack by the monster is the tail swing, where it swings the tail from one end to the other. After the swing, it would jump and swing its tail in the opposite direction and reposition itself.   
  2. Tail Sweep Attack – The second most used attack and early attack by the Great Izuchi is a tail sweep, where it sweeps the ground with its tail, damaging the Hunter in the radius.
  3. Triple Tail Spin – The Great Izuchi covers quite a distance with this attack. With the triple tail spin, the monster jumps on its hind legs spinning its tail and body in a circle and moving forward. It covers quite a distance and can reach you quickly with this attack. It performs the tail spin three times.
  4. Vertical Tail Slam – It will roar and spin vertically slamming the tail straight.
  5. Triple Claw Attack – With this attack, the Great Izuchi lunges forward on its hind legs while using the claws to perform 3 consecutive scratch attack.
  6. Spit Attack – The final attack that the beast uses is a spit attack where it spits water and stones in quite a distance. The attack is straight to its mouth so you should easily avoid it.

Like all monsters and fights, the key to defeat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) is to dodge as many attacks possible and striker back. But, there are certain things you can keep in mind. Here are the tips to beat Great Izuchi.

Tips to defeat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise

Tip 1: Take out the small Izuchi if they come in your way, but allow your companions to take care of them most of the time. Focus your attacks on the beast itself.

Tip 2: Before most attacks, the beast roars to watch that and prepare yourself to dodge attacks. When the beast roars, don’t stand straight in front of it as most of its attacks are targeted in front.

Tip 3: The small Izuchicopy the moves of the Great Izuchi, so watch out for them once the beast has performed its attack. (This does not apply to main attacks like the Spit Attack, Triple Tail Swing, and Triple Claw Attack).

Tip 4: Before performing the Triple Tail Spin, the beast will roar, position its body sideways to perform the tail spin. Watch for this attack and get far to the side to evade it.

Tip 5: After the Tail Sweep Attack, the beast will lose stamina and lie down belly up. It’s your time to give it all you got. After a while it will rise again and continue the fight.

Follow the above tips and you should have no problem taking down the Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).  

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