How to Beat Fallen Hulk in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

 How to Beat Fallen Hulk in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ third-to-last boss encounter pits players against the Avenger Bruce Banner, now known as the Fallen Hulk, who has been corrupted. He must be vanquished to access the game’s climactic chapters. Unlike other bosses in the game, Fallen Hulk has a limitless number of lives and can never be truly killed. Instead, players will have to work together to control a squad of Marvel icons utilizing strategies for turn-based combat and deck mechanics, all while trying to remain alive long enough to win the battle.

How to Defeat Fallen Hulk in Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a select group of heroes must survive four rounds of combat against Fallen Hulk and his minions, who will do significant damage both individually and in huge blasts across the battlefield. Whenever Fallen Hulk is taunted or suffers damage, his inherent weakness is revealed. Fallen Hulk takes more damage from subsequent attacks, and he can be taunted or wounded by other heroes, so it’s essential to use all of your characters instead of just a select one or two. Players of Marvel’s Midnight Suns should prioritize character builds for characters with the Forceful Knockback attribute since Fallen Hulk gets consistent rebuffs by the end of every round.

We suggest players focus on utilizing Knockback on the minions of Fallen Hulk to reduce the number of foes they have to deal with. Players can deal double the damage to low-health foes and have a chance to knock them unconscious by dragging them toward Fallen Hulk using abilities like Ghost Rider’s Lash card. Due to Fallen Hulk’s vulnerability that we previously mentioned, a swift follow-up strike from another hero gives increased damage, therefore an attack from Iron Man or Hunter during this phase of the fight may be the best option. If players have been upgrading their cards at the hangout areas of the heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, then maintaining health after Fallen Hulk’s attack will be much simpler. An increase in health points through the application of damage or the use of a Passive Ability, for example, Ghost Rider’s Soul Collection could result from additional effects on character-specific cards. The most difficult part of beating this beast of a boss may be maintaining a healthy focus on the minions while also drawing new cards and keeping your health up. Multitasking and teamwork are going to be key.

Finishing up the Fight with Fallen Hulk in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The third and fourth turns serve the same purpose in preparation for the climax of the fight with Fallen Hulk, urging players to use the Knockback move on Fallen Hulk. This will push him in the direction of the stone and into minions, where area-of-effect attacks, such as Iron Man’s Blast card, deal damage to him and the minions. Since players can temporarily knock out Fallen Hulk in the third round, this is a critical step in preventing him from beating one of the heroes in your team. Combating Fallen Hulk and making progress in Marvel’s Midnight Suns requires players to have good timing and perseverance to make it to the end of the game.

This should help you beat the Fallen Hulk with relative ease since you are now aware of the mechanics of this fight. This brings us to the end of the guide on how to beat Fallen Hulk in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Click here to read more guides and content on the game. Thank you for reading this guide.

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