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How to Beat Escue Boss in Metroid Dread

How to Beat Escue Boss in Metroid Dread

In Metroid Dread, there are several bosses and some of them are very difficult. Boss fights are always challenging but still, players are having fun jumping onto the battleground to kill such difficult bosses. Escue Bug Boss is one of the giants and difficult-to-beat bosses which you will encounter on Ferenia. Its quick electrical attacks can cause a big problem but once you know how to dodge them and how to attack them, it will be easier for you to defeat Escue Boss in Metroid Dread. Here we have given a complete guide.

How to Beat Escue Boss in Metroid Dread

The fight with Escue in this game is pretty tricky. Your one particular attack is not sufficient to bring it down. Let’s learn the strategies for how to beat Escue Boss in Metroid Dread.

Avoid the Purple Attacks

Mostly, Escue will attack using ranged projectiles which are the purple energy balls. You will need to dodge these attacks by jumping in the air. The boss will also throw purple-colored energy spikes on the position of Samus. These attacks are a bit difficult to avoid but they don’t deal more damage. Use the Space Jump ability and dodge these attacks also.

Use Charge Beams and Ice Missiles

At the time of avoiding its Purple Energy attacks, equip your cannon on the Boss. Once it completes its attacks, surrounding energy will be disappeared and this is the best time to attack. Charge Beam and Ice Missiles are the best weapons here.

Do Not Contact the X-Parasite Form

Once you give it sufficient damage, the Escue Boss will turn into the X-Parasite Form which is pretty similar to enemies from Metroid Fusion. This type of form is invulnerable to attack for a short period once it gets hit. During this period, make sure to avoid contact with that form as it can damage you. Instead, it is advisable to absorb several X Parasites heading out of it in order to restore health.

Eventually, you will be able to Defeat Escue Boss in Metroid Dread successfully. 

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