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How to Beat EMMI Robots in Metroid Dread

How To Beat The EMMI Robots in Metroid Dread

This time, Metroid Dread introduces a new antagonists’ series which is called the E.M.M.I or EMMI. It is an advanced DNA-extracting machine and enemy and they come with their special quirks. The EMMI enemies are irresistible and there are a total of 7 robots you need to bring down throughout the Metroid Dread. Here we are going to discuss the best tricks and strategies to beat the EMMI Robots in Metroid Dread. Let’s find out how to beat the EMMI Robots in Metroid Dread.

How to Beat the EMMI Robots in Metroid Dread

The EMMI enemies are completely immune to all the standard weapons so you won’t be able to defeat them with the standard weapons. Check out the following details and strategies to defeat EMMI Robots in Metroid Dread.

Attack with Omega Canon

Omega Canon works best on EMMI but you first have to absorb it from a Central Unit and it disappears once you defeat an EMMI. Once you get the Omega Canon weapon, hold: 

– L button and Aim at the EMMI

– Y button for Fire

– R button for charging Omega Blaster

Central Unit is situated in every EMMI Zone so Samus will need to find and defeat it to gain its power so that he can use Omega Canon in Metroid Dread.

Use the Omega Stream and Blass off Their Shielding

Most of the EMMI have shields on their head which you will want to blast off. For this, press the L button and aim and fire on it by pressing Y at the shield of EMMI. Expose off its weak point by using the Omega Stream to heat its shielding. However, it will take a bit more time to heat its shield up. Make sure to maintain the distance between EMMI and you before you start firing. If EMMI will come close to you, run away and relocate yourself.

Aim on Its Head with the Omega Blaster

Ultimately, you can bring EMMI down by using the Omega Blaster but it will take time to charge up this attack. If an EMMI comes too close once its shielding is destroyed, take yourself back and wait for the correct time and turn on your Omega Blaster, destroy its core, and secure the power-up.

That’s everything you need to know how to beat the EMMI Robots in Metroid Dread.

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