How to Beat Kale in Hi-Fi Rush

Antara B
Antara B

Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm-based action game, and it is impossible to play an action game without powerful bosses. So, obviously, you’ll get several enemies and challenging bosses throughout the game, and Kale is the final and most challenging among them. If you have been struggling to defeat Kale or require some advice before starting the fight, this guide will help you with defeating Kale in Hi-Fi Rush.

Tips to Defeat Kale in Hi-Fi Rush- How to Beat Him?

Since the game starts, you will hear about Kale lots of times, but players get the chance to have a face-to-face encounter with him at the end of the game. He is the final boss that Chai and his team must fight to get the password and destroy the system.  

This fighting scene starts with a cutscene and has three stages. Initially, during the cutscene, you’ll see Kale will separate Chai from his teammates and take him under his control. However, the cat won’t give up and starts fighting with Kale, and in this process, Chai gets back to his senses, and the actual fight begins.

During stage one, Kale will have a health and shield bar. As you keep attacking Kale with other teammates, gradually, both bars start reducing. Of course, your teammates Peppermint, Macaron, and Korsica will help you during this fight. During this stage, the health bar of Kale washes out relatively faster, and once it’s completely blank, the next stage will begin. Kale attacks with his sword, and you have to strike him as much as possible while avoiding his attacks. Launch Special Attacks when they are ready.

Before the next stage, a cutscene comes where players will see the new armor. Kale will not have any shield bar during this stage because he will get two extra hands to make a sheild for him, preventing Chai’s attacks.

Tips to Defeat Kale in Hi-Fi Rush- How to Beat Him
Tips to Defeat Kale in Hi-Fi Rush- How to Beat Him

This stage will be far more difficult than the previous one. Korsica and Macaron can help Chai break the shield, while Peppermint can stand against the Violet Lenses Kale make. During this stage, it will be hard to hit Kale because of his shields. However, keep trying to break the shield and attack, Kale. Sometimes, he becomes vulnerable as his big hands are stuck on the floor, making him unable to move. These are the best times to hit him as much as possible. In this stage, also use Special Attcks as many times as possible.

Once Kale’s health bar is finished, the third stage begins. In this stage, Kale will be covered by Inferno, and his health bar will be full again. This will be the most challenging part of this fight as this time, Kale will throw chains of fire toward Chai and his team.

Tips to Defeat Kale in Hi-Fi Rush- How to Beat Him

Avoid them and attack Kale rapidly. Kale will have a health and a shield bar again this time, and Chai and his teammates must attack him rapidly while avoiding his attack. Remember to use Special Moves during this fight to deal additional damages to the boss. Once the third stage is over, a cut scene will show you how Peppermint destroys the machines.

That’s all you need to know about how to defeat Kale in Hi-Fi Rush. Kale is one of the game’s strongest bosses and will fight till the last breath. So, pay attention while fighting Kale.

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