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How to Beat Chozo Soldier in Metroid Dread

How to Beat Chozo Soldier in Metroid Dread

In Metroid Dread, Samus has to face some of the toughest enemies including crazy aliens and EMMI robot soldiers. Chozo Soldier is one of the soldier enemies in this game you will encounter when you reach Ferenia which is the 5th location in Metroid Dread. This boss has very quick-moving assaulters equipped with weapons that perform fast-slicing attacks. But do not worry. Once you know the strategies for how to beat Chozo Solder in Metroid Dread, it will be easier for you to beat it. Let’s learn below how to defeat Chozo Soldier in Metroid Dread.

How to Defeat Chozo Soldier in Metroid Dread

To defeat this Chozo Soldier as easily as possible, you need to know the strategies as the battle will be in two phases.  

Phase 1

The fight will take place in the 7th area of the game on Elun. The fight will begin after a short cutscene. First, you start attacking it using your Plasma Beam. Meanwhile, also watch out for its charge attacks which are easy to dodge, you only need to keep jumping here and there. Blast on it and then go into the air to grab one side of the arena and then crash down with its lance. As soon as it starts to come down, move away as fast as you can, then continue with the Plasma Beam. Ultimately, he will get a lot of damage and then, a cutscene will be played and this time, he is going to be very angry.

Phase 2

In the second phase, he is going to be very furious and will start attacking a bit fast. You need to focus to shoot it from the back on its weak point. Take every opportunity and launch a missile on its way. However, it will attack you using fiery blue balls, ensure to dodge it properly. Keep jumping and dodging and keep shooting on its back, repeat the process, and ultimately, you will be able to defeat Chozo Soldier in Metroid Dread.

That’s everything you need to know How to Beat Chozo Soldier in Metroid Dread.

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