How to Beat Big Chunk in Muck

How to Beat Big Chunk in Muck

One of the most difficult enemies to beat in Muck prior to the latest patch that includes two new enemy type is the Big Chuck. While, other enemies in the game can be easily managed, a lot of players have been struggling with the Big Chuck. This is making the survival theme of the game very difficult as players fail to survive the encounter with the Big Chuck. Not to worry through, we have got you covered. In this guide, we will show you how to beat Big Chuck in Muck.

How to Defeat Big Chuck in Muck

Big Chuck is a huge monster and getting up close is not the strategy you would want to use against it. Instead, we suggest that you equip a bow. Here is how to make bow. Beating Big Chuck is all about preparation. There isn’t any strategy that’s going to work if you are not strong enough, meaning you do not have proper resources and equipment.

When going into a fight with the monster, ensure that you have your health and stamina taken care of. Mushrooms that grow in the wild are great for multiple things such as health, stamina, hunger, etc. So, stock enough of them so you don’t run out of anything during the fight.

Now, bows require arrows and you should have plenty of them when you decide or Big Chuck walks your way. For this, you will require to make a workbench and furnace. Once you have the two, you can easily make arrows with the required resources of course.

If you can get your hand on any of the legendary weapons that could serve you well in a fight against the Big Chuck. So, start by stocking up gold so you can unlock chests and hopefully, you open enough chests to get one or more legendary weapons.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the damage you take during the fight because no matter how good you are some stone projectiles cannot be missed and you will get hit. Hence, ensure that you have the Iron armor before the fight.

Now that you are ready with the consumables and gear, the strategy to beat Big Chuck in Muck is to use the bow and arrows from a far distance and when the opportunity presents go up close and use melee attacks, but remember to get back immediately before the next attack.

It goes without saying that a team is better than taking the monster solo.       

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