Metroid Dread

How to Beat Artaria First Boss in Metroid Dread

How to Beat Artaria First Boss in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread is a newly released single-player action-adventure game by Nintendo EPD and Mercury Stream, released on 8th October 2021. It is available on Nintendo Switch.

Among all the enemies you face in Metroid Dread, the First Boss is one of the toughest. The first Boss of Metroid Dread looks like a giant Scorpion. It is not easy to kill Corpius. It will take a lot of time and effort to take it down.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to beat the First Boss of Metroid Dread.

Metroid Dread – How to Beat Artaria First Boss

You’ll find the First Boss in the Artaria Region. The fight will take place in three different stages. To beat the First Boss in Metroid Dread, you have to find out his weak spots first. To do this, carefully watch all its attacking patterns and movements to determine its weak spots in each level.

In the first stage, Corpius will attack you with its tail, jump over it. It will throw acid balls at you; try to avoid them carefully. At this point, the weakest point of Corpius is its head. Try to attack its head with Charged Beams and missiles.

When you damage it enough, Corpius will engage its cloak and become invisible while attacking you. At this point, the most vulnerable part to attack is the edge of its tail, where you can see a round, yellow spot. Attack with Power Beam when it trows its tail to attack you. Players can understand the damage by the color of the bright spot in its tail- it becomes red as it takes damages.

Once you damage the tail enough, the Boss will be visible again. Slide through its legs. In this phase, it will throw acid at you, jump to the spider magnet panel to avoid it. Use missiles to attack. Remember, at this point, its mouth is the vulnerable spot to shoot, so discharge missiles straight to its mouth.

After you do enough damage, Corpius will become invisible once again. Repeat the method you used in the second stage. There is no particular sign that will show you that when it is going to die. But the more it is close to death, the more fiercely it will attack. You have to continue the fight until it dies. Once it is dead, you can claim its Phantom Cloak.

The process of beating down the First Boss in Metroid Dread is complicated enough. If you are new to this game, it is natural that you become confused about how to kill it. You can go through the above guide to know the process of killing it.

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