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How to be a Good Impostor in Among Us

How to be a Good Impostor in Among Us

I personally hate being an imposter, not because I despise killing crewmates, that part is fun, but it has become increasingly challenging as players team up and perform tasks in groups. Earlier days when the game was still new, it was more fun. However, with the right strategy that we have perfected overtime, being an imposter can still be fun and you can be good at it.

Being an imposter is random in the game, so when you join you do not know whether you’ll be an imposter or a crewmember. If you play the game for a long time, you will find yourself being an imposter at some point, so scroll down and we will show you how to be a good imposter in Among US.

How to Use Sabotage to be a Good Impostor in Among Us

Sabotaging tasks is one of the best ways to effectively play your role as an imposter in Among Us. As an imposter, the most difficult task is to keep other players from suspecting you are the outsider or the killer taking out the crew one at a time. Here are the things you can do to ensure no one finds your true identity.

  1. Lie in the Emergency Meeting Chat – As soon as a body has been found, an emergency meeting with be called where players can chat with one another. If someone saw you making the kill, blame the meeting holder or the acquisition-maker as the imposter. Lie through your teeth. Most players don’t hang around the chat for long. They see a suspect and go to vote. My personal favorite line is – Red or the color of the individual is the imposter, I just saw him make a kill and he was coming after me too.
  2. Sabotage Tasks and Kill in Crowd – Normally, you would think the best place to make a kill is when a crewmate is alone, but that’s not the case. It’s even better to put someone down when everyone is crowded to one place. The imposter can sabotage a task and everyone will rush to the location. When everyone rushes to the point, act to perform a task and in the crowd, stick the knife in someone. With the crowd gathered, it will be hard for the crewmembers to tell who is the imposter.
  3. Use the Vents – Only imposters can use the vents like only crewmates can perform tasks. You can wait in the vent until the right opportunity when an unsuspecting crewmember comes close. You can make the kill and say you were the one who found the dead body. No one will suspect you and you can continue without worrying about people suspecting you.
  4. Don’t be the First to Vote – When you are the imposter, don’t rush voting, it may put you under the scanner. Take your time and vote second last or after a few votes. Take part in the chat and put a valid point as to why you suspect someone else as the imposter. That will build trust in you.

That’s all we have in this guide. Hope you know how to be a good imposter in Among Us by now. Check out our other guides by scrolling below on a range of issues on the game and how to be better as a crewmember.   

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