How to Assign a Story Express Character in Lost Ark

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

Character creation, initial tasks, familiarization with the game’s groups, features, and materials, followed by leveling up. Level up, level up, pass away, and level up some more. I discovered how to strengthen my character in this manner. It was a never-ending series of tedious and routine tasks. I may not have been a competent gamer back then, but I am aware that I am not the only one who has experienced this. These days, developers are a little more, uh, human, and will offer the players some room and chances to express themselves a little more, if you get my drift. And while we’re on the subject of express, here’s how to name a Story Express character in The Lost Ark.

How to Assign a Story Express Character in Lost Ark

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We all find it enjoyable and gratifying to be able to level up and maximize our characters’ abilities. However, handling multiple characters at once can be difficult, particularly if the level disparity between them all is great enough to interfere with your overall experience. Thank goodness, Express Missions—specifically, Story Express Missions—were discovered by the Lost Ark creators as the answer. This feature will speed up your character’s advancement process and help it become more fit. Although it is fairly simple to do so, there are a few considerations to make.

How to Select a Character and Can you Change If Needed

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First and foremost, carefully considered character selection is required. You shouldn’t pick a leveled-up figure who can’t progress up further. No, you need a figure who needs a little prodding. Additionally, there is a prerequisite that you must meet. You can select any character who hasn’t finished Rethramis’ “On the Border” mission, according to the game’s creators. Open the “Event Quest” menu if your chosen character is qualified to take part in Story Express Missions once they become available. There is an option that allows you to choose the character you want to use for these tasks. Because you can only alter your identity once, be careful who you choose.

One character per account is the maximum that can be given to Story Express tasks. You won’t be able to alter the designated Express character if you chance to remove that character. Therefore, refrain from removing characters without a second thought. Absolutely, back then. Anyway, get ready to rank up and quickly become a hero. Good fortune!

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